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Spell check of dash

Correct spelling: dash

starch, ginger, plunge, cryptography, jauntiness, tingle, sprinkle, scare off, thwart, catch, fritter away, bounce, flair, bolt, crash, CAPTCHA, trace, esprit, rakishness, weary, snazziness, ahead, barrel, swank, beat, doss, sap, dull, dab, grandiloquence, ostentate, crest, scare away, pitch, mode, quantity, showiness, twinkle, move, sprinkling, flaunt, spurt, fling, bowlful, gaudiness, rush, gate-crash, gas, cryptogram, sail, manner, ardor, cake, bracket, germinate, vim, winkle, burgeon forth, dynamism, take, oomph, pelt, disillusion, touch, particle, snap, code, rocket, go down, flash, flagrancy, show off, flare, throw, die, hotfoot, moxie, bang up, clock, verve, hyphen, chutzpah, garishness, lope, drop back, disappoint, sling, toss, pip, exhibitionism, bit, vestige, charge, dah, grandiosity, frighten away, heave, come in, wink, juice, buck, cloy, flamboyance, boom, break up, become flat, vanity, fleet, surge, punch, fool away, formality, suggestion, life, bullet point, inject, jog, barge in, drive, quad, self-confidence, smithereen, pomp, crush, smidgen, blight, speck, part, suspicion, beans, sensationalism, pullulate, vinegar, audacity, launch, break apart, little, come, genius, measure, grain, way, splendor, whit, back seat, sliver, scattering, batch, trot, scamper, style, gallop, baton, code name, race, excess, bite, dishearten, parade, pomposity, histrionics, iota, brio, hardihood, tinge, element, daunt, bound, gusto, pittance, consumption, bed, pride, bowl, jade, tire, doss down, trend, vitality, cast up, highball, ornateness, granule, zest, speed, hasten, photograph, frighten, comma, fire, disconcert, c., pep, pageantry, dead heat, ruin, pall, shamelessness, temerity, hurl, composure, flyspeck, fool, smash, pomp and circumstance, mite, bad break, deepen, ampersand, zip, go, affectedness, whirl, cipher, dimmer, slosh, deadbolt, spray, ostentation, elan, colon, run, bravado, ardour, scoot, blink, shoot down, self-esteem, rip, thump, accelerator, shy, confidence, bucket seat, scramble, canter, course, drop, blatancy, film, haste, nail, scare, pinch, assurance, flit, spatter, can, splash, flashiness, dissipate, scrap, taste, break, bankrupt, thunderbolt, fuss, help, bang, fright, blast, air bag, showmanship, frighten off, bourgeon, bolt of lightning, shred, punctuation, demolish, hustle, panache, hurry, alphanumeric, get-up-and-go, too much, panic, coded, shoot, discourage, squirt, stylus, whiz, spud, smash up, splashiness, booster seat, bravura, swaggar, bespatter, opulence, bustle, self-assurance, atom, slop, scurry, chase, strike, apostrophe, channel, knock, splatter, energy, sprint, seasoning, false start, demister, scour, zoom, scud, mark, flourish, cast, vogue, bucket, dart, dramatics, hint, bullet, brace, whisk, morsel, swash, affright, sortie, burst, defogger, crumb, boastfulness, batter, fashion, fritter, frivol away, hit, dashboard, fly, wing, zeal, rack, sprout, ram, fatigue, hurtle, nip, festinate, stampede, modicum, expressive style, zing, tear, flutter.

faintness, debilitation, softness, feebleness, weakness, frailness, listlessness, tenderness, exhaustion, puniness, prostration, frailty, lethargy, indolence, infirmity, delicacy, debility, torpidity, enervation, sluggishness, laziness, slightness, impotence, impotency, powerlessness, inanition, disablement, enfeeblement.

Examples of usage:

1) He struck Leo in the face and then tried to dash past the youth. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Antoinette made a dash for it. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) It came strongly to me that this was the spot to make the base for a Polar dash. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.