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Spell check of decay

Correct spelling: decay

deteriorate, regress, spoilage, mildew, debilitation, disintegration, impairment, putrefaction, break up, corruption, adulteration, molder, decrease, tumble, biodegrade, demolition, descend into, festering, decomposition, putrescence, spoil, thrive, extinction, declivity, rotting, decaying, rot, collapse, dissolution, anatomize, dilapidation, shatter, vector decomposition, downslope, reduction, leakage, despoilment, sink, fracture, retrogress, crumble, decompose, mold, wither, revert, relapse, slop, decrepitude, degeneracy, regression, junk, dilapidate, fade, blister, contamination, blemish, putrefy, emaciation, discoloration, carrion, crumple, detritus, filings, aggravation, perish, ruin, mortify, break down, go to, chaff, rupture, spiral, rottenness, go downhill, declination, refuse, go off, enfeeblement, effluent, slump, radioactive decay, annihilation, harm, dissolve, destruction, freshness, havoc, senescence, burnout, go bad, consumption, wreckage, debris, downfall, go to pot, offal, breakdown, curdle, sabotage, disintegrate, rubbish, dissection, go down, chaos, dissect, rust, ruination, sense, fall, retrogression, burn, chip, diminution, bruise, degenerate, delapidate, better, damage, wilt, lapse, slip into, taint, disrepair, fall apart, degeneration, retrogradation, downgrade, declension, wane, corrupt, degradation, slide, improvement, spoiling, spur, mortification, ebb, deepen, waste, weakening, worsen, growth, slip, failing, deterioration, decline, fester, decomposition reaction, descent, breakage, depreciation, moulder, tergiversate, break, devastation, perversion, atrophy, blight, decadence, dejecta, turn, failure, residue, remnant, crumbling, ebbing, garbage, wear and tear, increase, escalate, get worse, gangrene.

ripening, snapback, invigoration, growth, recuperation, rejuvenation, comeback, revitalization, progress, rejuvenescence, recovery, rehabilitation, rally, maturation, strengthening, improvement.

Examples of usage:

1) There, all crowded together and falling to decay, lay the ruins of another fleet, scarcely less numerous than the first. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

2) The air was hot and dry, and carried in it a mild odor of decay. - "Doom of the House of Duryea", Earl Peirce.

3) His poetry does not decay with the philosophy which it took for granted. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.