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Spell check of decline

Correct spelling: decline

exasperate, regress, reduction, freeze off, come down, spill, collapse, celestial latitude, go under, twilight, bypass, declension, slide, ripen, even off, dilapidation, slip, loss, lessen, recoil, corruption, evade, descend, fall apart, falloff, depletion, origin, winnow out, pin, degradation, skip, extraction, nix, go downhill, hang, autumn, declination, compensate, refuse, deny, eliminate, exacerbate, downgrade, diminution, make up, decrement, waste, mitigate, fail, ebbing, dip, reject, disapprove, even up, descent, Götterdämmerung, decomposition, line, dent, mellow, debilitation, accept, comedown, gloam, rule out, decadence, fall off, rectify, set, downfall, retrogradation, even out, lour, elude, chastise, dilapidate, moderate, stock, step-down, deteriorate, scorn, line of descent, lapse, tergiversate, pedigree, better, slouch, backsliding, putrefy, backslide, retrograde, disintegration, tumble, crash, slide down, abstain, decline in quality, wane, dodge, discipline, sort out, pitch, endure, topple, fade, wilt, worsen, wither, sink, degenerate, blood line, crepuscle, parentage, fizzle, redress, abate, ancestry, repudiate, spurn, sidestep, fall, downslope, defy, degeneration, crepuscule, free fall, slope, worsening, avert, drop, objurgate, subside, radioactive decay, pass up, age, decay, capitulation, retrogress, weaken, depression, shrinkage, season, counterbalance, duck, disincline, circumvent, enfeeblement, shirk, regrets, degeneracy, gloaming, turn down, decaying, avoid, regression, settle, surrender, reduce, demise, atrophy, lineage, turn away, evenfall, adjust, blood, stemma, pooh-pooh, nightfall, languish, dec, filiation, right, shrink, downhill, go down, renounce, hanging, rise, down, drop-off, relapse, flameout, disagree, fall down, last, flag, eclipse, increase, lessening, lower, moulder, diminish, bloodline, revert, recession, return, chasten, dismiss, disdain, repulse, aggravate, escape, mature, putrefaction, castigate, devolution, get worse, grade, recess, resist, plunge, ebb, plummet, develop, abatement, weakening, dissolution, declivity, shun, retrogression, deterioration, slump, correct, strong, throwback, dusk, diminishment, decrease.

go for, advance, uphill, improvement, supplement, revive, aggravate, grade, aggrandizement, uprise, take, upgrade, accept, comeback, up, acclivity, evolution, rally, uptick, flowering, foment, meliorate, enlargement, development, enlarge, hill, exaltation, continuation, restoration, consent, upswing, addition, recuperation, develop, heyday, rejuvenation, gain, raise, blossoming, accrual, step-up, rage, strengthening, increment, improve, rehabilitation, prime, heightening, invigoration, increase, augmentation, accretion, rise, headway, uptrend, accumulation, enhance, advancement, amplify, revitalization, better, recovery, progress, flower, continue, lean, ascent, extend, tilt, flourishing, rejuvenescence, addendum, upturn, glacis, gradient, snapback, melioration, incline, ameliorate, growth, inclination, extension, boost, climb, renewal, enhancement, magnify, have, pitch, rake.

Examples of usage:

1) It is impossible, therefore, in an age when the democratic spirit has grown so strong and victorious, to avoid taking some reasonable concern for the future of liberty, more especially as at the same time the sphere and power of government are being everywhere continually extended, the devotion to material well- being, and what is called material civilization, is ever increasing, and religious faith, particularly among the educated and the working classes, is on the decline. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) The reason of this decline is, of course, obvious. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) They went on for twenty feet, when the floor of the passage began to take a sudden decline which increased at every step. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.