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Spell check of abjure

Correct spelling: abjure

forgo, bounce, quit, cease, desert, give up, recant, take back, shrink back, abdicate, leave, abnegate, forsake, spring, ricochet, renege, draw in, rebound, forego, abstain, depart from, repudiate, relinquish, bound, surrender, keep, withhold, repeal, cede, unsay, resign, abandon, resile, take a hop, retract, renounce, forswear, recoil, draw back, accept, recall, reverberate, cast off, refrain, pull back, vacate, discontinue, withdraw.

capitulate, haunt, contend, seek, assert, advocate, accept, bow, hold, concede, espouse, submit, proclaim, support, prosecute, embrace, affirm, court, acquiesce, admit, favor, confirm, profess, succumb, pursue, cherish, retain, occupy, keep, acknowledge, vindicate, protect, give in, adopt, surrender, avow, uphold, vouch, back, knuckle under, adhere, undertake, maintain, yield, declare, defend, claim, state, endorse, vow.

Examples of usage:

1) The Capuchin Fathers and their rivals the Oratorians received many visitors who came to discuss religious matters, not a few of whom were inclined by the engaging arguments of their hosts to abjure the heresy of their birth, so that little by little an imposing list of converts was compiled. - "Henrietta Maria", Henrietta Haynes.

2) It drew him away from the new path in which he did not yet feel at home, because the love he could not abjure constantly thrust him into the world, into the midst of the life and tumult from which Heaven itself commanded him to turn aside. - "In The Fire Of The Forge, Volume 5.", Georg Ebers.

3) In 1523 his works were ordered to be burnt, and he was commanded to abjure his heresies. - "A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All Ages and Nations", Joseph Mazzini Wheeler.