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Spell check of bypass

Correct spelling: bypass

circumvent, skip, seek, bus, D and C, shunt, attend, ignore, revolve, overpass, bleed, appendectomy, abortion, slur, short, car-pool, evasion, ring road, electrical shunt, circumvention, byway, carry, back up, shirk, beat, evade, side road, skirt, avert, shrink, blacktop, cesarean, get around, get about, anesthetize, carve up, circumferential, angioplasty, change down, block in, duck out of, road, stay out of, dodge, avoid, circumnavigate, shortcut, detour, catheterize, elude, bandage, tube, roller, boulevard, catch, box in, overlook, break, avoidance, decline, caesarean, chute, circumcision, shun, cauterize, C-section, byroad, buckle up, bring back, abstain, B-road, circulate, approach, artery, colostomy, short-circuit, burke, funnel, rotate, spread, escape, get out of, recoil, duck, outflank, beltway, sidestep, slight, go-around, run, eschew, avenue, anaesthetize, pass over, swing, tubing, get out, forget, disregard.

comply, obey, remember, catch, follow, regard, embrace, assent, remark, treasure, pursue, listen, meet, mind, tend, notice, pamper, cherish, heed, accept, contract, mark, prize, face, acquiesce, nurture, appreciate, welcome, observe, value, watch, keep, nurse, note, court, seek, incur, cultivate, attend, confront, foster, accede.

Examples of usage:

1) We could simply bypass the cooling unit, letting the engine housings stay open to the between- hulls section; then it was simply a matter of cutting a small opening into that section at the other end of the ship and installing a sliding section to regulate the amount of air flowing in. - "Let'em Breathe Space", Lester del Rey.