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Spell check of descend

Correct spelling: descend

locate, go under, sicken, come up, dwindle, issue forth, square up, spring, slip, tail, subside, draw in, patronise, submerge, shine, make up, rot, boil down, fare, lower, hang, ensue, feature, lag, go down, reduce, derive, base camp, retrograde, settle down, reconcile, degenerate, resolve, pitch, climbing wall, amount, make out, plump, come down, slope, pursue, strike, get off, chase, disembark, slump, occur, educe, climbing, draw out, number, get down, abseil, conciliate, devolve, twilight, decrease, alight, drop, steady down, stoop, come down to, settle, nose-dive, epitomize, decay, decline, climb down, caving, sink, rise, fall down, trip, come down on, define, shrink, dip, square off, gain, return, fall, follow, stumble, ensconce, step down, dismount, climber, ascent, pass, diminish, break, canyoneering, do, topple, light, precipitate, deign, crater, penetrate, better, ascend, finalize, regress, decide, flow, patronize, skid, result, deduct, nail down, total, lessen, determine, gravitate, plummet, sunrise, root, dive, sunset, exemplify, lower oneself, close in, trail, represent, add up, issue, tumble, typify, accrue, take root, come, set, atrophy, dawn, get back, ebb, swoop, get along, finalise, crash, enter into, come in, plunge, climb, crumble, embody, slide, deduce, infer, condescend, get, wane, hail, adjudicate, characterize, succeed, deteriorate, worsen, patch up, arrive, kin.

ameliorate, improve, enhance, come up, flatten, arise, enlarge, wax, level, enrich, expand, entrain, plane, move up, embark, increase, upsweep, get in, spike, up, mount, proceed, develop, mushroom, better, march, strengthen, climb, escalate, meliorate, accumulate, pick up, advance, snowball, uprise, grow, lift, even, rise, swell, smooth, enplane, intensify, soar, burgeon, ascend, build, go up, straighten, upturn, upgrade, progress, fortify, heighten, board, balloon.

Examples of usage:

1) We began to descend. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) This is repeated again and again, and at last the sun begins to descend. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Come let us descend. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.