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Spell check of escape

Correct spelling: escape

lose, evade, lam, shun, chip, run, escapism, deliverance, prevail, contend, avoid, escape cock, hegira, give out, imprisonment, give off, trip, pull, cope, fly the coop, making water, duck out of, slip, jailbreak, go away, raise, character set, make off with, grapple, getaway, endure, scheme, make out, fountain, release, break off, approach, disappearance, go out, chip off, thrash, abstain, holiday, disentangle, passing water, break out, nonpayment, turn on, oblivion, framework, mindset, scat, seek, get off, evasion, hedge, lean, safety valve, flying, omit, run away, operate, execute, bunk, allude to, wetting, shunning, incline, weekend, take out, unhorse, unravel, viewpoint, splinter, news leak, command key, lack, freedom, overleap, vacation, ducking, breakout, secede, way out, consort, ladder, black market, decampment, honeymoon, burke, blot out, break, melt down, parry, make do, beat, skirt, head for the hills, activity holiday, hatch, go, excursion, recoil, flight of steps, perspective, control, get out, shrink, throw off, course, come off, scarper, outpouring, departure, thresh, send, flight, loophole, abstinence, discharge, shirking, persist, stay out of, outflow, break for, declination, trajectory, touch on, take to the woods, eluding, break away, be given, tell of, draw, extricate, send off, decamp, campaign, fly, avoidance, equivocation, invoke, leave out, note, tend, fudge, drop, break loose, deal, exhaust, dodge, desertion, outlet, elude, ctrl, duck, arrow key, out, truancy, emigrate, rescue, dodging, get away, escape valve, track down, porthole, avert, activity vacation, trip out, dismount, melt, bring out, extend, mail, natural spring, school of thought, bypass, get down, sewer, beam, pull out, emigration, owned, repress, efflux, abdication, emit, range, race, elusion, feed, spill, issue from, overlook, free, work, move, run for, get around, turning away, skip, turn tail, neglect, eschew, leave, absquatulate, guide, floodgate, burst forth, die hard, generate, manage, leakage, pragmatism, flee, diversion, delete key, flight of stairs, distraction, entertainment, erase, mention, lead, ply, function, backspace, light, view, logic, control key, forget, bleed, cop-out, abscond, eschewing, hunt down, camp, hightail it, spring, fire escape, come up, retention, pretermit, pass, play, sidestep, bilk, mind, miss, ride out, circumvent, effluence, shirk, adventure travel, bolt, blank out, liberation, withdrawal, eschewal, retreat, Alt key, flail, stream, exit, decline, relief valve, leak, provide against, put off, hunt, obliterate, get out of, hop out, disdain, shaking, caps lock, get by, circumvention, flow, overflow, draft, explode, rout, carry, send out.

peril, internment, hazard, captivity, toleration, submission, endurance, trouble, immurement, hold, incarceration, imprisonment, retention, risk, detention, jeopardy, abidance, confinement, imperilment, endangerment, custody, holding.

Examples of usage:

1) They will not escape. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) " No," answered Stas, " I shall not escape- unless with her." - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) " But it is exactly to get away- to escape while there is time- that I came for," said the Captain. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.