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Spell check of double

Correct spelling: double

spokeswoman, by, reprize, trope, enduring, Xerox, aide, unfold, exceptional, equivocal, leading lady, unctuous, look-alike, surrogate, long, lead, expand, bi-form, never-ending, baseball, acolyte, duplicated, clone, picture, retell, resemblance, double-faced, coat check, while, bilateral, multiply, furrow, fork-like, a, cup, chaser, my, twice, alcohol, two-baser, helper, appointee, even money, reproduction, double-barreled, prototype, fill-in, assignee, spokesman, character actor, geminate, cash flow, ace, pretended, likeness, counterfeit, ball, figurehead, take over, Pecksniffian, stand-in, act for, budget, step up, bifurcation, all the time, forked, artificial, delegate, auxiliary, paired, double up, soprano, winning streak, model, dyadic, duple, ballpark, paradigm, big, alternative, hypocritical, together, determiner, draw, two-faced, figure, cellular, more, add to, duplex, dilate, corrugate, honest, amount, advantage, epitome, heart-throb, checkroom, ghost, mental image, simultaneous, figure of speech, recapitulate, ingeminate, dozen, divalent, icon, lip, drink, spread betting, stunt woman, crimp, large, forficate, persona, blood money, deputy, doubly, approximation, as, baulk, backhanded, two-ply, restate, too, booze, meanwhile, costar, recur, parody, dart, craps, call, substitute, the tote, extended, ballroom, overmuch, certain, ambiguous, carbon, at the same time, binate, crease, mine, dartboard, every, Janus-faced, reprise, grow, trilateral, baseline, pleat, imitation, image, left-handed, fold up, at bat, flutter, full-size, hit, two-bagger, repeated, assistant, biform, across-the-board, folded, three-quarter, excessive, replica, prolonged, over, surplus, phony-baloney, carbon copy, redoubled, parlay, its, part, wrinkle, dual, raise, increase, simulacrum, bat, coupled, branched, constant, renewed, thrashing, ball boy, odds, even as, break point, triple, range, dualistic, ham, ball girl, dummy, bond, double over, body double, servant, facsimile, coatroom, long-term, bifurcate, inflate, alternate, stunt man, same, dice, three-fold, multiple, supersize, backup, twofold, change, twin, lieutenant, binary, replacement, representation, biramous, doubling, close, retroflex, quadripartite, bailout, jive, double-edged, balk, mealymouthed, replicate, escalate, arm, apartment, helpmate, two-sided, nominee, twinned, reproduce, actor, composite, threefold, reduplicate, when, archery, bunt, dram, clay, attendant, appropriation, go up, betting, phony, ternary, match, two-fold, break, complicated, two-base hit, soar, disproportionate, bingo, darts, clubhouse, die, double-dealing, life-size, in two ways, foul, beyond, overly, echo, mealy, emissary, win, ground out, fruit machine, catch, outgrow, romp, representative, the Davis Cup, equivalent, pronged, second, so, unfurl, bounty, actress, agent, bivalent, parallel, ditto, swell, concurrent, bipartite, fold, two, mouthpiece, prongy, belt, ripple, pucker, bull's-eye, understudy, gather, lasting, tuck, fake, bathroom, batboy, cloakroom, feigned, fly, envoy, duo, bifurcated, victory, reiterate, ikon, effigy, aperitif, alley, auditorium, duplicate, bankroll, base, mature, isometric, token, bet, iterate, triumph, proxy, attorney, an, mirror image, hyper-, this, treble, walkover, casino, repeat, copy, chamber, record, upset.

heart-to-heart, straightforward, artless, genuine, unfeigned, open, sincere, single, unpaired, heartfelt, forthright, frank, honest, small, undesigning, univocal, unequivocal, plain, univalent, little, candid, unambiguous, direct, multivalent.

Examples of usage:

1) Now the fever is taking hold of me, for I see double. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) I 've won very close to double as much from you this evening. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) In another, I think I am double your age. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.