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Spell check of duplex

Correct spelling: duplex

dyadic, condo, twinned, duple, chateau, condominium, bipartite, duplex apartment, double-edged, bifurcation, duplicate, paired, geminate, two-fold, twice, dual, double, accommodations, billet, part, digs, dualistic, duplex house, biform, twofold, second, two-sided, bachelor apartment, bi-form, double-faced, apartment, duo, two, bungalow, bidirectional, bedsit, twin, binary, two-faced, bachelor pad, bunkhouse, multiple, semidetached house, chalet, bilateral, boarding house, apartment building, adobe, accommodation, cabin, double-barreled, bifurcated.

single, unidirectional, unpaired.

Examples of usage:

1) A proper motion of this magnitude is extremely rare, yet we do not say it is unparalleled, for there are some few stars which have a proper motion even more rapid; but the remarkable duplex character of 61 Cygni, combined with the large proper motion, render it an unique object, at all events, in the northern hemisphere. - "The Story of the Heavens", Robert Stawell Ball.

2) The patent project under consideration was what the inventor called " a duplex door," designed to keep kitchen odors from dining rooms. - "When Egypt Went Broke", Holman Day.

3) Each gland is composite, or duplex. - "The Glands Regulating Personality", Louis Berman, M.D..