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Spell check of table

Correct spelling: table

turn off, description, checklist, sum, yearbook, dining table, list, tableland, tabularize, switch, chronicle, control panel, book, treasury, enumeration, prorogue, workbook, tablet, report, binomial, design, flurry, telling, breakfast bar, card, furniture, catalog, fudge, log, evade, bring forward, bar, block graph, eatables, dinner table, food, roster, ledger, elude, cross section, journalize, calendar, retelling, circuit board, record, provender, comestibles, synopsis, tabularise, bus, annals, budget, dinette, narrative, roll call, score, card table, pad, confuse, lexicon, dinette set, portrayal, store, coordinate, repast, diagram, blacklist, shelve, console, bow, constellation, booth, treatise, detail, coffee table, hold over, collection, slacken, memoir, deviation, portray, array, display board, state, chow, turntable, bench, chart, monograph, curve, recount, defer, sideboard, appendix, retell, crush, cellar, age group, dictionary, tea table, time, mess, display panel, all-you-can-eat, digest, hot list, plank, chuck, crowd, altiplano, instrument panel, documentation, recounting, schedule, register, itemize, set back, total, put back, lamp stand, count, plug-in, alter, refection, circle, summarize, round, eats, parry, roll, statistics, album, knock back, thesaurus, blue book, submit, narrate, average, foodstuffs, abacus, countdown, circumvent, dresser, waybill, provisions, dodge, enumerate, knowledge, decimal place, circuit card, lectern, grub, tally, approximation, vittles, annual, desk, article, give in, repertory, blank-book, file, cash book, spread, mesa, workbench, bill, notebook, kitchen table, sidestep, postpone, hedge, docket, glossary, document, stand, diary, horse, assemblage, recording, bill of fare, statement, meat, index, tucker, accede, remit, storybook, buffet, daybook, hit list, change, inventory, invoice, bank-book, dishearten, busload, collect, calculation, nightstand, viands, menu, computational, compendium, check, scrapbook, fix, victuals, manifest, bureau, duck, board, formula, gameboard, skirt, tabular array, journal, counter, fare, captain's table, summary, canon, add-in, BYO, bar graph, put off, registry, bibliography, move, control board, novel, logbook, account, note, slab, send back, tell, itemization, countertop, bread, sink, history, listing, reschedule, describe, edibles, tabulation, get across, rearrange, brown-bag, scroll, census, pulpit, algorithm, carry over, panel, feed, anecdote, disconcert, tabulate, bell curve, meal, audit, put over, club, remand, axis.

bane, venom, poison, toxin.

Examples of usage:

1) " I'll tell you all I know, Mr. Massingbred," said he, as having turned the key in the door, he took his seat at the table. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I thought all the men were at the table, you see. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) At the table were about twenty people. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.