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Spell check of counter

Correct spelling: counter

backfire, snack counter, overcome, counterblow, take, baffle, inhibit, clog, defy, shield, warehouse, block, unfavorable, write back, paying back, getting even, plug, dresser, promise, shelf, blower, choke, screen, stand, safeguard, worktable, repay, dinette set, counter-reply, complicate, breakfast bar, riposte, fend, deter, snag, snarl, hit back, explain, police, market place, tea table, sideboard, dispute, rebut, unsympathetic, challenge, nightstand, reprise, work out, respond, foretell, detain, coffee table, checker, chopping block, console, dining table, antipodean, constraint, mart, comment, save, barricade, expound, come back, look to, pit, comeback, previse, affront, range, catch, redress, payoff, board game, restoration, cramp, chain, to the contrary, foul, dinner table, return key, frustrate, foreclose, conflict, acknowledge, shrug off, counteract, cripple, backchat, delay, reappearance, antonymous, avenge, fitting room, reverberation, butcher block, display case, oppress, fetter, checkerboard, turntable, department, predict, prognosticate, jam, table, snack bar, prevent, bromide, restitution, revenge, reproduction, surmount, forebode, object, office, stop, forestall, impede, meddle, argue, carriage, crimp, hinder, depot, entangle, forgiveness, hamper, store, return fire, bottleneck, vice versa, showcase, cold store, stall, recurrence, bazaar, inimical, uphold, antipodal, unfriendly, cross, ward, changing room, bargain basement, card table, countermand, checkers, congest, confines, kitchen table, prejudicial, yield, income tax return, department store, workbench, drag, afterthought, support, establishment, encumber, compressor, constrain, repulse, diametrical, retaliate, heel, convenience store, proceeds, tax return, supermarket, face, boundary, converse, bar, handicap, call, impair, disagree, takings, opposed, reciprocate, domino, carry off, replica, untoward, convertor, handle, buffet, market, counterpunch, cover, grocery, allusion, shop, emporium, antagonize, bon mot, opposing, get through, polar, barb, calculator, guard, stay, otherwise, counterclaim, parry, diametric, entrap, limitation, match, sustain, restrict, incompatible, antipathetical, oppose, control, homecoming, check, issue, retribute, echo, hamstring, antipathetic, strike back, acknowledgment, bagatelle, backgammon, disadvantageous, bureau, manage, counterattack, countercharge, paralyze, avert, paradoxical, suppress, reply, buffer, sound reflection, thwart, obstruct, rebel, checkout, cope, answer back, bung, fight, aside, contradict, captain's table, contradictory, dare, mire, tabulator, coming back, lamp stand, dressing room, menswear, hostile, contravene, intercept, repress, play off, bench, burden, restraint, resist, interrupt, return, balance, attack, boiler, agitator, confront, countertop, tangle, foreknow, forbid, retort, reverse, restrain, curb, brake, regaining, fair, contrary, converter, rebuff, desk, chess, antagonistic, limit, counter-state, stock exchange, look for, ledge, restriction, conflicting, antonymic, anticipate, secure, expect, rejoin, opposite, constipate, protest, counter-accuse, Chinese checkers, negative, worktop, envision, dissent, haberdashery, exchange, answer, talk back, round, conversely, dinette, shelter, replication, antithetical, interfere, defend, rejoinder, protect, charger, repel, back talk, foresee, dam, preclude.

complying, well-disposed, supportive, amiable, congenial, understanding, cordial, benign, good, beneficial, nonfatal, benignant, innocuous, unresistant, innocent, harmless, affable, agreeable, propitious, positive, useful, amicable, sympathetic, nonlethal, advantageous, hospitable, tolerant, favorable, nondestructive, friendly, helpful, neutral, inoffensive.

Examples of usage:

1) Get your cap now; it's under the counter. - "Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis", Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma.

2) The sight of the letter as it lay there on the counter swept away the shop, the books, London- he sat looking at it with a longing, stronger than any longing that he had ever known, to see the writer again. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) A few words I have to say to you;" and as she spoke she drew Cornelia a little apart from the crowd at the counter, and looking at her sternly, said- " One question only- why then did you treat my grandson so badly? - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.