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Spell check of heel

Correct spelling: heel

schmuck, ground, mend, computer-aided design, crud, beast, stinkard, bounder, rascal, kennel, clown, pig, founder, shyster, andiron, crust, hock, sole, trail, overhaul, pill, darn, cur, stinker, sleazebag, boor, spat, gyp, domesticate, bugger, hog, foundation, reptile, care label, villain, brogues, counter, list, clubfoot, blackguard, boot, name, rat fink, clodhoppers, mischief-maker, breast pocket, scoundrel, reheel, leaper, sod, pervert, swindler, call off, fink, frank, scumbag, dog, lecher, come about, armpit, cretin, cleats, so-and-so, degenerate, criminal, appendage, crosstrainer, domestic dog, big toe, traitor, swine, capsize, detent, calf, creep, chuff, sleazeball, cowboy boots, bottom, heal, jezebel, cat litter, behind, joker, go about, armhole, base, end, slattern, sneak, arch, wienerwurst, instep, shoestring, rotter, patch, number, coattails, cad, litter, following, answer to, knave, collar, toad, varmint, hydroplane, maintain, cheat, spur, louse, bodice, cleat, sleaze, scamp, reprobate, deck shoe, churl, defrauder, Kitty litter, insole, snake, slob, delinquent, trickster, bootlaces, hound, frump, malingerer, foot, shoelace, tag, blighter, clog, hot dog, ball, dog-iron, desert boot, heave to, wiener, rogue, cast off, backslider, hotdog, scuzzball, precede, rapscallion, bleeder, bad guy, dirtbag, ankle, skunk, fix up, buzzard, buttonhole, rat, scalawag, handler, bib, lean, click, scum, vermin, do up, crumb, lift, exercise, arm, lace, hound dog, pawl, miscreant, evildoer, frankfurter, lout, Birkenstock, fix, firedog, dock.

hero, lady, heroine, gentleman, saint, role model, angel, idol.

Examples of usage:

1) Down it came into his hands, and as he whirled around on his heel the box disappeared from view. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Wantele turned on his heel. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) She touched The Prince's side with her heel, drew up her reins, and told him to go in a low voice of entreaty. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.