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Spell check of fight

Correct spelling: fight

make do, collision, compress, offense, charge up, foray, tug, contract, violate, rouse, siege, repugn, play off, fight down, interlocking, encounter, pugnacity, compete, booking, represent, argle-bargle, squeeze, iron, dispute, rebuff, stir, intercept, fend for, militancy, invasion, vie, contend, tiff, shake, bombardment, misunderstanding, postulate, friction, rubbish, suppression, fracas, interference, lash, appointment, exhort, strike, obstruction, scathe, assaultiveness, militance, run-in, outbreak, advertise, harry, bit, flay, scorch, weigh, inhibit, contest, dustup, advertize, flare-up, aggression, controversy, difficulty, discord, terrorism, scrap, inhibition, contradiction, scrum, skirmish, resistance, chip, impede, insurrection, counterbalance, match, entreat, skin, fuss, weightlift, trounce, hassle, fury, struggle, vandalism, argument, duel, furor, barbarity, turmoil, scramble, labour, meddle, commotion, conjure, engagement, counteraction, disturb, troth, support, sputter, abuse, truculence, inhumanity, adjure, disagreement, kickup, spat, game, quarrelsomeness, oppress, strife, commove, atrocity, bombard, manage, rivalry, scrabble, outrage, ferocity, aggressiveness, hammer, disagree, assault, broil, react, wildness, impediment, offensive, hit, maintain, hold, meshing, armed combat, fierceness, compact, agitate, counter, argy-bargy, battle, repulsion, riot, jihad, rumpus, drive, contention, competitiveness, altercation, controvert, invade, urge, iron out, feud, war, fleck, cross fire, obstinacy, guard, wrangle, clash, cope, scrappiness, run, batter, promote, battle royal, thrust, take the field, defiance, set-to, raid, tussle, warfare, grapple, spasm, squabble, shin, antagonism, combat, challenge, mettle, competition, rage, beseech, barrage, estrangement, bid, storm, defend, object, excite, attack, sortie, action, pit, free-for-all, clamber, shift, courage, repel, dissension, mix-up, fray, foment, feistiness, betrothal, joust, bicker, slash, tirade, confrontation, crowd, hindrance, belligerence, turn on, throes, contentiousness, savagery, stir up, quibble, involvement, trash, debate, objection, constrict, shinny, bout, affray, participation, donnybrook, deal, frenzy, engage, showdown, bellicosity, tangle, obstruct, torture, oppose, round, antagonize, fighting, go, push, difference of opinion, wrestling match, imbroglio, raise up, falling-out, cross, brush, shake up, contretemps, counteract, adversary, confront, charge, make out, militantness, combativeness, counterattack, check, lunge, argue, fisticuffs, resist, brutishness, involution, force, vex, scarify, onslaught, disputatiousness, savage, hinder, assail, suppress, affair, wrestle, fight back, press out, bloodshed, repress, rhubarb, tilt, interfere, uproar, campaign, urge on, champion, quarrel, hostility, brawl, date, repression, scuffle, belligerency, hardihood, press, disturbance, labor, pound, budge, vehemence, flake, weight-lift, repulse, brutality, fence, row, defy, conflict, opposition, intensity, violence, scrimmage, difference, mesh, melee, contradict, employment, protest, crusade, get by, bear on.

pacifism, graciousness, truce, pleasantness, anti-imperialism, affability, nonaggression, kindliness, peace, placability, amiability, gentleness, benevolence, mildness, concord, complaisance, sociability, armistice, amicability, friendliness, geniality, cordiality, amenability.

Examples of usage:

1) I sat here to fight it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) You must put up a fight. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) You shall ride with me and shall fight with them. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.