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Spell check of clog

Correct spelling: clog

trammel, tangle, suffocate, galliard, holdback, hurdle, cash in one's chips, downspout, stumbling block, buy the farm, samba, twist, barricade, tango, snarl, disadvantage, die, cha-cha, shut off, befoul, bung, impedance, interruption, restrict, pass away, entrap, shimmy, jam, pass, inhibit, handicap, drag, burden, throttle, expire, stamp out, entanglement, hula, mire, hindrance, cesspit, marengue, opposition, waltz, perish, restrain, oppose, courante, brogues, resist, hamstring, lambada, boot, help, tarantella, choke back, two-step, detain, contaminate, give-up the ghost, obstruction, complicate, curb, bar, defile, check, prevent, minuet, conk, restriction, block, wooden shoe, restraint, back, moonwalk, beguine, jitterbug, Highland fling, tap dance, encumbrance, complication, foil, constraint, impede, open, rumba, cramp, constipate, clabber, congest, drop dead, blockage, choke down, desert boot, back off, counter, entangle, choke, encumber, wall, curdle, constrain, obstacle, strangle, deter, gavotte, brake, pollute, kill off, clodhoppers, mambo, suppress, back down, one-step, decease, dam, balk, frustration, embarrassment, barrier, cut into, blockade, cripple, thwart, hinder, back up, hold back, conga, entrapment, Charleston, fandango, manacle, scrag, cotillion, airlock, close, bolero, foul, resistance, cutoff, cleats, surcharge, seal, let, fetter, stop, obstruct, paralyze, square dance, clog up, gag, stifle, traverse, delay, shackles, support, sabot, stoppage, patten, inhibition, coagulate, jig, hornpipe, congestion, fret, clog dancing, mazurka, impair, geta, culvert, pop off, reel, go, crosstrainer, interfere with, interrupt, snag, exit, damper, can-can, maculate, chain, overcharge, snuff it, turkey trot, drawback, polka, bafflement, frustrate, kick the bucket, interference, deck shoe, cakewalk, choke off, croak, squeeze out, carry, clot, baffle, deterrent, dance, constipation, impediment, fox trot, embarrass, polonaise, Birkenstock, catch, stay, conduit, hootchy-kootchy, crimp, allemande, bottleneck, clog dance, hamper, counteract, overload, quadrille, cowboy boots, shuffle, bind, plug, asphyxiate, impasse.

boost, advantage, benefit, handmaiden, catalyst, goad, unclog, aid, stimulus, stimulant, incentive, break, assistance, impetus, spur, edge, help.

Examples of usage:

1) Here the wooden pipe seemed to clog; he took a straw from behind his ear and began clearing the stem carefully. - "Ashton-Kirk, Investigator", John T. McIntyre.

2) Do not keep food by them, as that will clog their appetites, and always effects the egg production, as well as the condition of the birds. - "Natural and Artificial Duck Culture", James Rankin.

3) And it bounded the Pyramid for a clear mile upon every side, and burned for ever; and none of the monsters had power ever to pass across, because of what we did call The Air Clog that it did make, as an invisible Wall of Safety. - "The Night Land", William Hope Hodgson.