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Spell check of answer

Correct spelling: answer

help, solvent, reply, dissolve, serve, support, dress, postcard, stronghold, justification, acknowledge, resolution, argument, closure, defense, write back, find, call, correspond, practice, settlement, receive, justify, aversion, break up, secure, explain, wait on, put down to, make, excuse, come back, security, refutation, object, set, declaration, clue, arrange, return, function, resolvent, swear out, determination, discovery, final result, avert, cure, regret, manage, wall, save, drop by, enclosure, correspondence, satisfy, counter-accuse, take, objection, resist, fare, effect, riposte, talk back, reception, protect, dish out, rebuttal, Dear John letter, revelation, countercharge, plea, expound, confess, dish, result, dissolving agent, conclude, uphold, safeguard, buffer, coiffure, reaction, key, line, attend, get along, heuristics, fortress, decide, apologize, barricade, repent, dead letter, resistance, rebut, serve up, root, counter-reply, cry, come up with, remedy, settle, bar, backfire, purpose, way out, outcry, resoluteness, consequence, outburst, dissolvent, disclosure, counter-state, solution, resolve, assist, acknowledgment, statement, event, come over, air letter, pounce, welcome, retort, resultant role, armor, guard, countermeasure, act, response, cater to, rejoin, ask, pick up on, provide, do, equip, counter, surrebuttal, interplay, screen, dispatch, coiffe, execute, query, dish up, message, argue, stand up, process, reflex, answer to, counterclaim, police, explanation, repartee, elucidation, rejoinder, firmness, outcome, come, look in, denial, go around, resource, adjudicate, attend to, resultant, retaliation, answer back, see, password, interpretation, atone, offer, dissolver, shield, replication, letter, sign, fix, cause, coif, behave, counter-accusation, shelter, make out, defend, post, fend, moat, solve, resolving power, perform, echo, account for, circular, compromise, swing by, billet-doux, react, plead, service, issue, solving, suffice, call on, cover, cover letter, resolving, refute, counterattack, epistle, deny, question, process of elimination, barrier, harbor, respond, protection, serve well, chain letter, comeback, sustain, upshot, oppose, exercise, practise, counter-statement, supply, visit, greet, ward, termination, note.

charge, interrogation, enquiry, cause, grilling, questionnaire, effect, action, query, question, quiz, cross-examination, poll, challenge, survey, inquiry, interrogatory, behavior.

Examples of usage:

1) I will answer for her as I would for myself. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) " Nothing," was the answer. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) That is a question I may not answer. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.