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Spell check of cover

Correct spelling: cover

pall, unfold, wrap up, awning, see, afghan, transit, conceal, hug, buffer, blind, barrier, deal out, security, come home, camouflage, surmount, lie, varnish, all-you-can-eat, click, matchbook, tap, engender, aria, save, speak, obliterate, roll up, make, screenland, consultancy, crest, hide out, desk job, bear on, recompense, protract, face, tuck away, grok, layer, conserve, robe, prolong, sanctuary, lead, encircle, insure, chant, hide, loom, acquisition, slate, fire, continue, insulate, span, checkbook journalism, overlie, contribute, falsehood, upside, grasp, put out, corral, impersonation, cork, bosom, deny, bubble wrap, ascertain, broker, go along, viewing, bedding, locum tenens, divvy up, Christmas carol, pretend, incorporate, affectation, fabrication, pose, facade, gallop, frustrate, words, blue chip, contributory, describe, spread over, tiptop, bar, stay on, exsert, bluff, front, dish out, penumbra, bury, resist, process, blister pack, baffle, white lie, shelter, guard, regale, agent, vertebral column, administer, grizzle, fortress, subdue, overlay, run, rear, spine, sheet, plate, sieve, handle, case, fakery, skip over, wrapper, pretense, ostentation, cocoon, dressing, tip, superlative, think of, bottled, wraps, encase, silver screen, veil, manage, screen door, hideaway, summit, big top, grapple, artwork, police, guarantee, armor, deceit, tent, stage, editorship, coat, rebuttal, turn, incubate, anthem, encompass, covering fire, trade, overcompensate, elevation, device, capsule, bedclothes, open up, plug, conduct, book binding, matchbox, acknowledgments, go down, gimmick, dream up, stronghold, showing, respond, defraud, adjuster, redress, masquerade, dead-end job, track, concoct, counterfeit, membrane, secure, involve, get over, watch over, pay, keep, reply, embed, barricade, support, projection screen, retort, canvas, shell, claim, serenade, sink in, hold out, spoil, apprehend, guise, show, fall into place, dispense, rachis, thwart, even out, imitation, haven, plow, envelop, Venetian blind, go after, parcel out, canopy, trick, circulation, blurb, chase, tail, sunshade, care, mask, collision damage waiver, height, compensate, apportion, let off, refuge, natural covering, crossfire, extend, go, sweep, shade, even up, benefit, remain, do, preserve, coverture, bilk, dole out, dawn, husk, thatch, secrete, fusillade, counter, pinch hitter, artificiality, appendix, misinformation, inter, chore, imprison, calypso, add on, anchor, coating, application, imitate, adopt, keep on, strain, cut across, whirligig, report, expand, turn to, finish off, address, make out, spinal column, spinning top, get well, backfire, carrier, fake, cloak, cellar, ride, overcome, obscure, wipe, actuary, stretch, blanket, pretension, asylum, bulk large, aegis, confine, visor, upper side, stand up for, submerge, right, cope, disinformation, stretch out, come up to, penetrate, consider, bill of fare, stop, harmonize, direct, hood, exchange, friendly fire, roof, take, busywork, ammunition, peak, blinders, tarpaulin, body, put over, counterbalance, blot out, pass across, parasol, dugout, ward, boxed, spigot, foxhole, get the picture, screen, oppose, traverse, shroud, take in, embrace, come off, count in, vocalize, comprehend, cruise, over-correct, dive, overwhelm, answer, ballad, addendum, look at, chorale, replacement, make up, big business, bedspread, cover charge, hybridize, top of the inning, retain, palm, backstory, cache, binding, hybridise, polish off, reserve, do by, load, circus tent, air, housing, chop down, safeguard, calling, commute, wield, stay, side, sing along, wrap, mantle, umbrella, fend, make do, jump, moat, surface, sustain, valve, response, disguise, impound, crosscut, backbone, remunerate, foil, hold, entomb, resistance, argument, squeeze, see to it, citizen journalism, enclose, hitch, control, savvy, acme, uphold, plough, spawn, suppress, bung, fight, top side, put on, cross, aversion, accost, booth, offer, afterword, alma mater, hitchhike, care for, multiply, underwrite, comforter, draw out, subvention, panoply, avert, bedlinen, polish, charade, pinnacle, poke out, dog, countermeasure, contain, ceiling, broaden, round top, shutter, scotch, dorsum, agency, espouse, assure, hull, get by, argue, skin, maintain, filmdom, hiding, sell, half-truth, include, contend, smother, bolster, bill, stand-in, pass, fire fight, sub, eke out, deal, block, carry, hatch, croon, folder, scrape by, clad, invention, forge, bobble, interbreed, defense, backrest, jacket, come up, persist in, sulk, rebut, intersect, subvent, sheathe, imposture, pout, casing, recover, designated hitter, retreat, comprehensive, fence, chanty, dwell, concealment, envelope, bounce back, treat, pay off, carton, sweep up, concealing, spread, stopper, even off, indemnify, dissemble, return, falseness, come on, shield, hush, pod, affect, curtain, bandaging, reach out, privateness, top, stretch forth, fraud, base, fire off, brood, backup, encasement, secrecy, finish up, bus, go forward, proceed, subsist, impersonate, cut through, repair, shadow, masking piece, hover, assurance, shell out, shingle, back, account, close, distribute, cap, untruth, portion out, dig, afford, ensure, wall, sing out, enshroud, affiliate, correct, sing, breed, meridian, covering, hideout, lamp shade, edit, screening, forgery, share, build in, trail, get through, lot, widen, BYO, trap, teetotum, harbor, falsify, day job, book, go on, actuarial, give chase, cover up, counterattack, paint, drive-by, deceive, carry on, crossbreed, overfly, protect, crown, mete out, allot, the biz, pass through, defend, aim, carol, mop up, get across, baby, coverlet, skip, discharge, hiding place, stew, clear up, chase after, sheath, call, tag, covert, veneer, child labor, master, seal, cover song, relief, lie low, perceive, privacy, lid, move, masking, buckler, surround, pass over, shuttle, cover version, blank, fill-in, brown-bag, check, cage, protection, think up, counterpane, spile, mannerism, compass.

confess, disinter, discover, uncover, publish, raise, make known, tell, exhibit, lay bare, offense, lay open, unveil, avow, offensive, attack, disclose, promulgate, reveal, manifest, divulge, advertise, betray, aggression, admit, unmask, exhume, show, assault, expose.

Examples of usage:

1) Oh, well, we've got him now, and he don't seem to care to keep under cover, either. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It took but a brief time to cover the three miles. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Sometimes we made camp in the boat, with a box for a pillow and a piece of bear skin for a cover. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.