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Spell check of falseness

Correct spelling: falseness

deceit, air, error, claim, sellout, cover, untruth, faithlessness, front, forgery, fakery, imitation, affectation, fallacy, ostentation, insincerity, treason, disguise, charade, rubbish, treachery, falsehood, imposture, business, hollowness, changefulness, masquerade, traitorousness, unfaithfulness, correct, bluff, artificiality, inconstancy, double cross, gimmick, baloney, fickleness, trust, two-timing, hogwash, fib, continue, disloyalty, counterfeit, rot, treacherousness, perfidiousness, true, fallaciousness, falsity, pose, show, mannerism, infidelity, pretension, impersonation, backstabbing, facade, lie, guise, malarkey, erroneousness, stage, device, false-heartedness, balderdash, fraud, perfidy, pretense.

devotedness, protection, veracity, factuality, fidelity, actuality, honesty, fealty, devotion, faithfulness, constancy, factualness, the true, defense, trustworthiness, correctness, staunchness, truthfulness, safeguard, truth, dependability, shield, genuineness, accuracy, reliability, credibility, verity, sincerity, allegiance, steadfastness, loyalty, faith.

Examples of usage:

1) The case between them may, he thinks, be stated in this question, " How do we rise from falseness into truth?" - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.

2) Falseness is certain to lead to the disrespect it deserves. - "Dickens As an Educator", James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes.

3) For at that moment she saw as by a flash of lightning the falseness of her marriage and her widowhood. - "Throckmorton", Molly Elliot Seawell.