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Spell check of examine

Correct spelling: examine

overlook, hear, screen, raise, sit on, lecture, figure, run into, induct, instruct, look, monitor, cite, bring before, hit the books, research, find, assay, psychoanalyze, stare, bedside manner, go steady, check, try out, dig, get wind, sweat, envision, debate, visit, evidence, catch, sample, attempt, initiate, ground, peruse, interpolate, scrutinize, check on, discover, see about, quiz, appeal, run across, take, shew, anatomize, watch, audition, determine, pick up, teach, meditate, psychoanalyse, experiment, question, affirm, understand, winnow, reckon, try on, leaven, turn up, audit, study, see, view, dispute, certify, reexamine, experience, catechize, date, get a line, judge, establish, review, bring, find out, fancy, take apart, size up, sift, try, adjudicate, canvass, doctor, reconnoiter, challenge, gaze, commit, canvas, investigate, look over, realise, confine, stress, take in, construe, look into, dig into, look around, control, analyze, educate, claim, appear, allow, cross-examine, inspect, essay, dissect, probe, turn out, delve, break down, train, fathom, thresh out, come across, smell out, tutor, oversee, consider, visualize, visualise, show, feel out, call, query, cure, render, assure, contemplate, admit, analyse, grill, criticize, witness, meet, diagnose, case, vet, escort, go over, con, sound out, ransack, track down, explore, prove, image, check over, poll, search, measure, test, go into, go out, finger, taste, ascertain, weigh, realize, poke into, interpret, attend, inquire, ensure, survey, pump, verify, scan, take care, project, observe, insure, interrogate, go behind, traverse, get word, coach, encounter, check up on, caseload, regard, learn, testify, arraign, strain, see to it, turn over, check out, go through, read, bear witness, seek, ask, picture, rise, demonstrate.

glance, skim, miss, overlook.

Examples of usage:

1) Let us examine them in their order. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) " We might get ashore at some other point farther back, and examine this part of the coast," suggested Percival. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

3) They were now so close to him that he could examine the inside of the carriage. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.