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Spell check of allow

Correct spelling: allow

mean, go, fess, go out, Midland, intromit, suspend, purpose, compensate, put up, present, compromise, deliver, lease, pull up stakes, give, part with, humor, take, bear, look, assist, brook, donate, forfeit, apportion, drop out, judge, surrender, help, certify, reconcile, appease, bequeath, cut, bring before, divide, send, get, find, let in, ascribe, observe, mandate, agree, cite, stop, permit, appear, deny, shower, deal, subdivide, appropriate, think, support, confess, submit, put through, split, concede, stipulate, stomach, chuck up the sponge, provide, suffer, plan, deduct, stick out, stand, set aside, concur, limit, put aside, fund, consider, include, budget, drop by the wayside, bargain, avow, set, take on, meditate, abandon, take into account, segment, piece, deem, forbid, quit, blink at, editorialize, mitigate, grant, result, offer, dismember, sanction, disburse, pledge, except, consent, lavish, cater, condone, opine, go along with, reckon, share, dole, ply, measure, compartmentalize, guess, claim, hold, have, depart, license, forgo, exit, aim, release, purport, adjust, collect, squeeze in, authorize, yield, stand for, get out, bestow, cease, enfranchise, contribute, pay, conquer, spare, accommodate, rent, mediate, furnish, add to, put up with, contemplate, book, profess, fit in, hand over, design, will, appeal, relinquish, qualify, endorse, impart, expend, calculate, OK, settle, bring home the bacon, allocate, go forth, forget, oblige, parcel, aspire, let on, dispense, resign, modify, help along, reflect, admit, bless, feel, enable, leave alone, halve, let, fess up, allot, endow, bring, give up, knowledge, affirm, open up, slice, acknowledge, accredit, digest, countenance, approve, zone, ratify, entitle, earmark, acquiesce, forego, favor, leave, vacate, measure out, carry, kick, privilege, tender, go away, assign, lay off, arraign, seize, distribute, endure, dispense with, subtract, note, fall by the wayside, provide for, renounce, throw overboard, propose, green-light, entrust, portion, allow in, imagine, empower, tolerate, hear of, extend, serve, capture, admeasure, recognize, own, mete, ration, accord, allow for, comment, cede, weigh in, suppose, figure, deal in, temper, accept, encourage, discontinue, throw in, lot, indulge, lead, render, waive, commission, chunk, approbate, esteem, award, free, partition, facilitate, supply, reserve, consign, attribute, pass on, assent, conceive, warrant, abide, throw in the towel, lend, deed over, call, gratify, devote, leave behind, lubricate.

disallow, refuse, repudiate, preclude, disclaim, disfavor, cover, forbid, conceal, dislike, question, grudge, revoke, resist, arrogate, interdict, keep, enjoin, ban, discourage, suppress, check, nix, deprive, interfere, dispute, prohibit, hide, deny, negate, discountenance, block, disown, discredit, repress, veil, obscure, refute, veto, gainsay, protest, prevent, deplore, kid, disavow, frustrate, frown, withstand, disapprove, obstruct, hold back, negative, constrain, distrust, stint, doubt, reject, disbelieve, retain, mistrust, rebut, withhold, deter, censure, begrudge, inhibit, curb, bar, impede, restrain, contradict, suspect, proscribe, confiscate, appropriate, hinder.

Examples of usage:

1) Even after he was really able to walk about and help himself, Harry would not allow himself to see Amalia. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) And why for no allow it? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I hope you'll allow that to be a Mieris? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.