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Spell check of case

Correct spelling: case

role, bin, jacket, suitcase, courting, rack, cup, catch-all, grimace, representative, litigation, content, strip, crate, coffer, cleft sentence, accusation, pillowcase, findings, study, lesson, counterfeit, boxed, drum, outcome, human face, matchbox, envelope, template, court, hearing, environment, husk, state of affairs, look, accompanied baggage, graphic symbol, article, exemplar, fortune, causal agency, episode, model, quality, agoraphobe, disorder, eccentric, sheathing, courtship, tank, boldness, slick, circumstance, committal, cuticle, problem, nerve, parapraxis, cocktail dress, sheath, matter, indictment, adjunct, file, go over, misdeed, effort, peruse, examination, container, national, data, berth, hull, defense, sequel, fictitious character, claim, lawsuit, closing argument, skid, fount, gaffe, faux pas, decanter, impeachment, carryall, example, summons, shell, teddy, petition, law, fountain, epidemic, subpoena, theme, result, expression, type, grammatical case, the critical list, bottled, predicament, clause, attempt, mooring, typeface, drive, slip-up, good example, continuance, disease, affidavit, pouch, fictional character, action, effect, slipperiness, bootleg, arraignment, jar, shimmy, brass, belly, scale, causa, chemise, offense, solecism, exhibit, issue, holder, commit, crank, cover, slip of paper, fibre, bottle, facial expression, court-martial, part, bag, dissent, diabetic, count, grapheme, event, scrutinize, fiber, lorication, cupboard, holster, casing, flake, commission, complaint, inspect, chassis, news, bucket, report, reason, allomorph, baptistry, shelf, appeal, end, implication, law-breaking, casket, climate, safe, baptismal font, subject field, deterrent example, causal agent, trunk, bug, dummy, crisis, carpetbag, eluding, datum, tray, accusative, topic, context, pillow slip, carapace, closet, showcase, side, canister, bubble wrap, proof, moorage, caseful, carton, survey, movement, can, sack, bed-blocker, instance, allophone, point, quandary, wooing, reservoir, possibility, fact, abet, quiver, occurrence, abduct, sideslip, subject, baptistery, cask, cart, reference, ladle, information, character, depressive, shield, font, face, jug, cutting, mold, wrapper, illustration, upshot, encase, A to Z, depicted object, racing shell, flask, eccentric person, oddball, appearance, illness, chance, wallet, proceeding, suit, vault, state, view, consequence, conditions, cabin baggage, criminality, purse, exercise, plate glass, grounds, scabbard, geek, chamber, receptacle, backpack, compact, ailment, sickness, barrel, antecedent, guinea pig, plight, bladder, repository, censure, slip, argument, plate, contingency, extort, position, evidence, collocate, specimen, allegation, cash register, awning, bailiwick, anorexic, cabinet, locker, theatrical role, elusion, sample, word, defraud, object lesson, deposition, briefcase, character reference, basket, socket, folio, crusade, vat, incident, capsule, drawer, amnesiac, crime, lineament, grip, cause, bum bag, slickness, detail, box, listening post, blackmail, illegality, field of study, substitute, crust, prototype, vitrine, bother, cheek, show window, crib, hutch, examine, prosecution, storage, attache case, matchbook, pocket, trial, discipline, condition, suit of clothes, stereotype, persona, investigate, trouble, mannequin, cedar chest, contagion, traverse, habeas corpus, situation, con, aspect, class action, stomach, baggage, bowl, campaign, floor model, status, chest, consumptive, incase, miscue, asthmatic, infection, subject area, armor, writ, portfolio, display case, blister pack, gaucherie, trip, shift, citation, field, background, charge, meddle, eggshell, archetype, grievance.

Examples of usage:

1) I see the whole case now. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) What case do you mean? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.