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Spell check of claim

Correct spelling: claim

add, call option, championship, belt, declare, cry out for, call, dun, shoot, fill, share, consider, lure, assign, walk away with, state, case law, appeal, heap, crown, subscribe, asseveration, yell, requisition, assume, red herring, argue, collect, invite, give, contend, pledge, necessitate, explode, conservation area, accumulation, propound, amass, assertion, case, take over, petition, film, apportion, ask, birdsong, allege, bylaw, pretext, catch, beg, need, support, acknowledge, pack, lead, take, purchase, deflate, read, appropriation, sweep, stick on, introduce, corridor, telephone call, public interest, imposture, civil rights, suit, loop-hole, seek, monopolize, artificiality, ostentation, dispute, bid, pose, walk off with, dry land, aim, pretend, choose, avow, avouch, debunk, rely on, apology, mannerism, title, entry, set down, collection, pretension, bill, impersonation, admit, apologia, cite, phone call, permission, bring, take on, hope, disprove, acquire, affectation, strike, compete, corroborate, stake, subscribe to, application, declaration, insist on, annex, affirm, hire, allegation, procure, deceit, assumption, approve, protestation, obtain, imitate, asseverate, vociferation, white lie, exact, deceive, wrangle, charter, gimmick, look at, disabuse, concession, net, land, summons, guide, outcry, pretense, interest, affect, engage, guise, masquerade, carry, rubric, cry, falseness, slaughter, insist on something, vindicate, proclaim, facade, shout, fake, contract, part, receive, stage, bluff, adduce, assert, take in, charade, dispatch, attack, certify, withdraw, produce, plea, level at, alibi, massacre, entrance, warrant, usurp, call for, forgery, ultimatum, consume, depend on, adjure, possess, ask for, domain, deed of conveyance, attest, margin call, smoke screen, exterminate, take away, pronounce, ingest, carry off, sustain, rent, lease, lay claim, make, impersonate, assassinate, entreaty, deal, profess, testify, owned, hold, have, voice, apply, conduct, annexation, use up, cover, postulation, repudiate, statute title, remove, demand, get, dibs, song, promise, acreage, requirement, deed, recapture, excuse, priority, endorse, justification, forge, take aim, request, accusation, drive, pick out, validate, strangle, learn, train, maintain, discredit, contention, show, study, importunity, reap, disguise, bump off, corner, harvest, secure, retrieve, offer, award, addition, enclosure, gain, act, seize, get hold of, bag, capture, falsify, attestation, device, accumulate, require, counterfeit, avouchment, defraud, submit, confound, order, ratify, dish out, procurement, want, rationale, contain, insistence, title of respect, fakery, take up, accept, convey, acquisition, arrogate, announcement, affirmation, assure, adopt, assurance, buy, stratagem, imitation, own, letter, reason, postulate, avowal, select, pocket, border, conservancy, counterclaim, express, front, direct, aver, profession, fetch, garner, birdcall, occupy, incur, solicitation, charge, civil law, win, civil liberties, air, access, advance, right, refute, verify, aspire, say, score, palm, plead, fraud, involve.

rebuttal, question, disproof, confutation, waive, throw overboard, disclaimer, waiver, forfeit, dispute, negation, give up, refutation, release, disavowal, quitclaim, challenge, contradiction, forgo, disclaim, denial, forego.

Examples of usage:

1) True, no one had made the claim of being the Elder's own son and the murdered man himself. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) The only claim he could make that could save him! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Yet how could he claim to be Peter- it- it's not like the boy. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.