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Spell check of cite

Correct spelling: cite

quotation, brand, apply, acclaim, implicate, quote, battle cry, mobilise, commend, specific, place, offer, attribute, disabuse, allege, deal, parent, excerpt, invite, course credit, diagnose, reference, address, axiom, marshal, extend, criticize, connect, neglect, present, relate, lay, key, pertain, compliment, prosecute, set, touch on, elevate, discover, credit entry, mobilize, advert, impeach, enumerate, say, extract, acknowledge, assign, call down, boot, lift, pay heed, flatter, ignore, drop, approach, grant, bestow, allude to, evidence, maintain, observe, adduce, recount, aver, assert, condemn, distinguish, call, impute, refute, distrust, ascribe, summons, bear on, abduce, note, point of reference, litigate, identify, denotation, conjure, muster, bring before, book of facts, recite, extol, subpoena, law, point out, reboot, honorable mention, hang, issue, credit, attempt, constitute, tender, catchphrase, bring up, discredit, extension, acknowledgement, sue, asseverate, allude, dispute, disprove, touch, render, binomial, accredit, instance, recognition, come up, mention, state, list, reproach, remark, make, advance, specify, order, congratulate, point up, accuse, consult, reference book, explode, concern, rally, appear, denote, appeal, cliche, acknowledgment, nurture, name, charge, rehearse, repeat, raise, muster up, endow, confound, debunk, blame, conjure up, get up, plead, describe, attend, claim, words, declare, attach, appoint, arouse, introduce, tell of, impart, key out, bring, give ear, exemplify, number, reference work, character reference, allow, look up, summon, consultation, submit, come to, invoke, indicate, arraign, commendation, citation, incriminate, reference point, deflate, tell, affirm, complain, deferred payment, rear, stir, bid, computer address, adage, praise, repudiate, call forth, refer, produce, credit rating, eulogize, mark, character, notice, aphorism, source, cheer, denounce, put forward, cast, nominate, indict, evoke, scold, give, inculpate.

ignore, overpass, neglect, forget, slight, pass over, disregard, overlook.

Examples of usage:

1) I merely cite what I think is a high order of poetry. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.

2) But we will pause here; examples are not lacking, but they would carry us too far; and then, they are not cheerful, and are out of our usual line; it was Monsieur Cherami's plight which induced us to cite so many. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.

3) And I defy all my former companions in pleasure to cite a single one. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.