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Spell check of argument

Correct spelling: argument

object, leaning, list, command, brawl, aim, reasoning, rejection, falling-out, premise, palaver, dissidence, product line, arguing, reason, line of merchandise, consultation, bloodline, end, assembly line, motif, telephone circuit, research, barricade, concept, resistance, criticism, chat, crinkle, disunity, line of reasoning, business line, rail line, line of business, thesis, accounting, line of descent, deliberation, problem, evidence, hypothesis, counterattack, business, confabulation, armor, financial statement, dissent, rhubarb, conjecture, contretemps, rock, stronghold, tune, strain, stemma, wrangle, backfire, production line, rationale, interpolation, battle royal, position, dissertation, return, rivalry, phone line, shield, air, conflict, idea, program line, moat, answer, careen, competition, melodic line, pedigree, melody, literary argument, lean, difficulty, scrap, inference, subject, reply, personal line of credit, counsel, blood, subscriber line, buffer, response, article, contention, point, wrinkle, occupation, telephone line, blood line, ancestry, set-to, defense, struggle, essay, credit line, paradigm, public debate, demarcation, confrontation, barrier, logical argument, parameter, text, account, communication channel, disceptation, railway line, rebuttal, stock, repudiation, antipathy, exchange, axiom, instruction, donnybrook, protest, dialogue, safeguard, subject matter, nonagreement, tangle, protection, argy-bargy, contrast, aversion, screen, quarrel, case, talk, line of work, seam, assertion, dispute, origin, cable, row, colloquy, why, matter, belief, complaint, conversation, furrow, presumption, short letter, theme, parley, argle-bargle, assumption, fortress, basis, independent variable, query, analysis, give-and-take, motive, line of products, inclination, design, challenge, line, countermeasure, antagonism, parentage, confab, personal credit line, examination, issue, wherefore, meeting, security, kickup, argumentation, channel, harbor, note, support, friction, explanation, agate line, opinion, affirmation, shelter, principle, topic, back-and-forth, critique, ground, cross fire, consult, bank line, word, cover, hassle, disaccord, conference, theorem, proof, exposition, statement, discussion, tension, polemic, descent, controversy, encounter, clash, dividing line, joust, postulation, consideration, course, transmission line, meaning, commentary, wall, run-in, billet, council, disputation, spat, line of credit, tilt, job, contrariety, thought, imbroglio, tiff, disagreement, melodic phrase, question, opposition, debate, altercation, contestation, lineage, pipeline, defiance, dialog, bicker, cause, retort, squabble, crease, interview, guard, misunderstanding, purpose, dissension, fight, sway, parametric quantity, seminar.

Examples of usage:

1) Kent looked down at him meditatively, wondering if there was not a good deal of truth and justice in Manley's argument. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) In Wisdom and Destiny the argument is: If he had been wise ... - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

3) " There's an argument you might have used, Miss Waynefleet," he told her. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.