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Spell check of benefit

Correct spelling: benefit

realise, dole, earn, back, win, bring in, arrive at, minister, well-being, commission, fundraising, manna, asset, attain, worthiness, social welfare, put on, fund, make, advantageousness, broker, blessing, functionality, practicality, jump at, actuarial, profit, incentive, combat pay, motivation, good turn, facilitate, prosperity, success, splendidness, ministration, benignity, agency, edge, praiseworthiness, sustenance, get, get ahead, motivate, realize, encourage, fit, kindness, furtherance, guide, felicity, favor, child benefit, satisfy, encouragement, niceness, return, carrier, assistance, take in, clear, hit, good, suitability, flag day, appropriateness, bake sale, gather, serviceability, means test, serve, funfair, flow-on, endowment, dovetail, become, trump card, succor, foster, mothering, assisted living, godsend, child support, get behind, acquire, do good, derive, assurance, upbeat, virtue, adjuster, receipts, public assistance, actuary, get through, privilege, utility, value, pull in, collision damage waiver, expediency, nurse, returns, laudability, facilitation, mother, helpfulness, instrumentality, expenses, give, bazaar, promotion, abet, fundraiser, relieve, use, advantage, improvement, contributory, pull ahead, carnival, avail, grace, account, support, welfare, tend, expense account, gain, pleasantness, service, turn a profit, usefulness, windfall, assist, grasp, proceeds, make headway, interest, goodness, advance, merit, help out, uphold, bonus, flexible benefits, sustain, eudaimonia, please, emolument, eudaemonia, relief, indulgence, wellbeing, exploit, gain ground, endow, comprehensive, excellence, attend, attendant, reach, help, company car, fineness, suit, social security, used, benediction, aid, double time, fittingness, boon, progress.

hindrance, affliction, jinx, detriment, inhibitor, harm, scourge, encumbrance, bane, bother, hoodoo, stranglehold, pest, constraint, obstruction, tribulation, injury, curse, ruin, trial, misery, disadvantage, minus, damage, hurt, obstacle, drawback, plague, restraint, cross, loss, waste, liability, evil, impediment, nuisance, irritant, destruction, hex.

Examples of usage:

1) It's perfectly evident that it wouldn't be any benefit to Miss Waynefleet if I went back to the Bush. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) It will be of benefit to him in many ways. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) I think each of us had a little the feeling we were making the best of what we saw for the others' benefit. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.