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Spell check of contribute

Correct spelling: contribute

institute, subscribe, precede, lead, loan, serve, make, cave in, top, hand, carry, tender, collapse, pay, allow, offer, guide, pass on, rear, hold, stomach, can, apply, gift, add together, fetch, share, result, bear, provide, moderate, reach, give, transmit, pawn, throw, board, furnish, turn over, nominate, raise, set up, supply, run, impart, domiciliate, open, take, chair, dole, ease up, tin, commit, total, head, stand, sacrifice, digest, disburse, subsidize, make for, suffer, proffer, mortgage, set in, advance, attribute, tally, participate, assist, summate, founder, confer, come across, assign, help, do good, cater, go, ascribe, post, lease, dispense, pass, sublet, accord, yield, better, break, sum up, append, house, donate, abide, chip in, volunteer, bring, further, send, conduce, ante up, work, devote, establish, generate, erect, have, consign, pitch in, bequeath, bestow, hand out, tot up, afford, enrich, support, put forward, present, avail, let, reload, will, lavish, add, brook, grant, add up, endow, favor, feed, shower, give away, put-up, partake, submit, start, go Dutch, stick out, direct, bring in, deploy, pledge, replenish, sell, convey, demise, conduct, deliver, expend, play, wreak, give way, render, move over, get, consecrate, fall in, award, ration, tolerate, clothe, reinforce, allot, sum, lend, channel, endure, dedicate, tot, extend, dower, kick in, fund, kick down, land, tote up, return, leave.

keep, sell, pocket, preserve, save, withhold, advance, loan, hold, lend, retain.

Examples of usage:

1) Nearly all came seeking how they could benefit by living in the country, not what they could contribute to it. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

2) The theory of translation was not yet regarded as " a common work of building" to which each might contribute, and much that was valuable in sixteenth- century comment was lost by forgetfulness and neglect. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) There was not a piece that did not contribute its chapter. - "The Debit Account", Oliver Onions.