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Spell check of hold

Correct spelling: hold

hold on, loosen up, keep going, stamp down, harmonise, apprehend, realize, lay down, induce, judge, burrow, kibosh, show, birth, disturb, true, grip, croon, founder, detainment, immobilize, tolerate, bus, stomach, forbear, tick off, sing along, store up, stanch, contribute, bear out, take, fox, suppose, say, make up, rent, obtain, contrive, employ, bring in, enjoy, feel, hands, gather, fit, feature, organize, bedevil, give faith, livelihood, consider, tame, remain, clutch bag, conquer, take a leak, understand, include, assume, live, celebrate, imagine, collect, drop, patronage, postponement, stool, bemuse, sing, put on, subdue, cop, conserve, assent, intercept, check off, experience, corral, reserve, assure, harbor, pay, recant, encumber, taste, plan, suckle, keep, catch, feed, planned, reach, lead, hairgrip, adhere, arrive at, cower, sacrifice, call for, clutch pedal, study, believe in, convene, get hold of, give suck, make believe, learn, dribble, operate, cut off, fight back, fend for, bowsprit, keep back, trust, argue, take charge, get to, orchestrate, persuade, go, brook, rivet, proceed, fit in, inhibit, continuation, besiege, prolong, back up, standardize, guard, stow, subscribe to, conciliate, adhesive friction, cave in, strike, set up, cook, will, hit, suffer, prepare, take up, recall, incarcerate, authority, bag, rouse, ease up, endorse, transport, suspect, base camp, handgrip, suit, allow, prevail, keep from, save, ensure, detention, crane, cage, discombobulate, appear, gibe, mastery, owned, embrace, handle, traveling bag, tingle, sense, chequer, behave, staunch, convey, predominate, leadership, acquit, fence, master, time lag, moderate, comport, constitute, curtail, discernment, lift, coordination, dominate, condition, carry, supremacy, plunk for, encompass, aver, admiration, go for, bridle, bandage, post, double over, seize, own, think back, blade, management, underpin, constipate, let in, take for granted, shoulder, piddle, reign, triumph, relieve oneself, booking, live on, try for, busy, grant, take a shit, keep in line, invade, encircle, return, dial, silence, transmit, figure, constancy, preservation, turn over, go over, clinch, pat, take to, command, relive, free, stand firm, full, prevent, realise, check up on, cargo hold, shed, endure, circumscribe, make water, let, awaken, avow, stock, ingest, thwart, preserve, submit, afford, bread and butter, fill, exert, busy signal, stand, fix, freeze, allow in, stick out, move over, limit, cargo deck, see, embosom, represent, chair, asseverate, earn, gain, book on, refuse, apply, end, intimidate, confound, hold in, booking office, invoke, house, toy with, overflow, have, limber up, progress to, consent, use up, enthrall, take over, canvass, manifest, hold open, cause, secure, stick, walk away with, monopolize, touch, climber, leave, mesmerize, train, choose, jibe, turn out, avouch, traction, indorse, utilise, presume, present, adjudge, belong to, holdup, require, commission, subscribe, terminate, survive, announce, hire, incorporate, cuddle, construct, bosom, burn, claim, stage, batch, monopoly, hump, force, cast off, make, occupy, withstand, excite, ready, lend oneself, intromit, ward, call in, defy, in, eternity, work, surmise, conceal, back, nab, range, film, take for, check over, channel, nail, ascent, clasp, kiss, consistency, suppress, watch, temper, arrange, contents, sustenance, take control, fall in, pretend, collar, fascinate, nurture, abseil, hold off, thrust, donjon, oblige, stay, coincide, uphold, domination, hoard, dare, pick out, compel, collapse, inspire, shoot, tally, bear, aft, check into, government, micturate, restraint, look at, rule, accept, name, pause, offer, fancy, insure, clip, stick to, stand up, tap, patronize, afloat, yield, hinder, deem, law, confine, involve, have got, credit, hug, maintain, choreograph, adapt, abide, enforce, get in, vocalize, throw, mandate, sovereignty, consort, give birth, waiting, wear, boast, rate, stem, hope, mark, observe, take in, aisle seat, jog along, storm, chasten, puddle, rein, got, exercise, boom, clutches, lease, hold back, agree, clutch, tone down, curb, direct, ignite, impound, harbour, board, oligopoly, give up to, support, manipulate, deliver, press, suitcase, pin, wee-wee, commit, bubble, beam, spellbind, climbing wall, allege, attach, wash, call back, receive, open, might, lodge, take away, wet-nurse, discipline, acknowledge, flip, find out, keep on, obligate, conclude, permanence, block, believe, stop, power, substantiate, consume, jog, direction, wait, fight down, use, provoke, appreciation, climb, shake off, give, wee, voice, correspond, crouch, stick up, fight, take aim, stay fresh, view as, confuse, plump for, demand, get, pass water, intern, adhere to, handling, arr., drive, adopt, ascertain, incur, entertain, do, tick, brake, defend, break, nourish, befuddle, contend, berth, storage area, affect, draw, cut back, retain, suss out, detain, read, extend, accommodate, arrest, haul, continuity, go along, grasp, outlive, generate, bit, hold water, withdraw, earmark, engage, expect, build, greatness, tie down, bend, think of, constrain, remember, living, stability, pull in, jail, wield, call, give away, mince, tie up, champion, shield, firm up, book, trammel, contact, select, delay, kick in, caller, establish, acquire, burn off, keep open, aboard, ca-ca, project, bilge, squeeze, control, govern, answer, coordinate, create, trap, recollect, go on, comprise, cover, stand for, hold up, check out, express, throttle, bar, aim, possess, consecrate, amidships, dungeon, appropriate, bewilder, match, caress, crook, retract, pick up, subjugate, admit, imprison, clear, restrain, have a bun in the oven, hurl, state, contract, reconcile, profess, digest, pin down, arouse, charter, flirt with, capture, sway, put away, stockpile, seem, declare, opine, hand, cease, concord, set aside, practice, check, work out, remove, pass on, cite, cargo area, incline, sustain, tie, produce, utilize, exact, continue, attain, breastfeed, run, ruffle, find, stabilize, perceptiveness, corroborate, tend, deport, postulate, bow, oppose, grow in, seduce, accord, bring before, pack, throw off, form, bestride, bond, bring, chip in, gift, hold fast, bound, obstruct, annex, gestate, confirm, level, grab, nuzzle, custody, restrict, envelop, reckon, have in, opinion, grapple, cast, institutionalize, caving, serenade, hold out, bookable, canyoneering, harmonize, see to it, fuddle, call up, take a crap, render, warm up, enclose, hold down, campaign, bind, nurse, clench, revoke, put faith in, turn back, bobby pin, sorted, dedicate, throw away, deferral, deal, switch, appeal, concur, give way, prowess, soften, assert, chant, charge, withhold, sculpt, prove out, regularize, halt, cumber, enfold, display, look into, impart, arraign, climbing, patronise, resist, determine, ask, catch up, longevity, schlep, pee-pee, guide, bristle with, surrender, mark off, sing out, bay, die hard, spend a penny, compass, survival, keep up, implement, stimulate, affirm, ascend, truss, transfix, recognize, manage, pass, conduct, devote, checker, brush, verify, necessitate, contain, think about, take hold, need, put up, surround, deferment, score, persist, nominate, last, lock away, think, take on, balance.

free, release, let go of, liberate, dissent, differ, let go, relinquish, discharge, take issue, set free, disagree, dismiss.

Examples of usage:

1) Just hold the line, please. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Hold tight the handles and plow deep. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) " Hold it, Lenny," said a voice at the same time. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.