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Spell check of imitation

Correct spelling: imitation

send up, fraud, analogous, simulated, snapshot, same, photograph, duplicate, mannerism, falseness, fill-in, Xerox, portrayal, simulacrum, man-made, la-di-da, metaphorical, metaphor, personation, silhouette, outline, picture, twin, imposture, impersonating, overdone, forged, play, similarity, replication, pastiche, pseudo, original, photocopy, reflection, match, burlesque, synthetic, substitute, charade, second, caricature, real, illustrative, impression, fictitious, alternate, statue, pose as, double, phony, showy, sour, affectation, deputy, parody, ape, closeness, replacement, mistaken, idol, illustration, copy, effigy, mimicry, lieutenant, artificiality, affected, cartoon, extravaganza, resemblance, duplication, deceit, fake, understudy, dummy, takeoff, claim, ersatz, respect, theatrical, surrogate, faux, ostentation, spoof, ostentatious, aping, fakery, plagiarism, guise, reproduction, transcription, pretend, histrionic, fraudulent, alikeness, model, pretense, bust, mock, masquerade, bluff, fictive, portrayed, facsimile, procreation, depiction, put on, pretension, stand-in, representative, bogus, similitude, representation, drawing, stiff, mirror, emulation, cast, stilted, assumed, posing, air, mimic, imitate, device, impersonation, simulation, analog, ditto, facade, sham, icon, parallel, mockery, graphic, cover, tracing, reverse engineering, forced, stagy, front, false, miniature, feigned, unreal, untrue, impersonate, analogy, travesty, figurine, manmade, carving, forgery, rendered, equivalent, carbon, semblance, masquerading, pretended, artificial, studied, show, pose, counterfeit, sameness, off-key, approximation, laughter, phoney, repetition, pinchbeck, gimmick, alternative, likeness, delusive, deceitful, pretentious, image, transcript, proxy, echo, copying, rendering, unnatural, human-made, clone, mannered, approximate, exaggeration, reflex, take-off, disguise, replica, stage.

formalism, natural.

Examples of usage:

1) Altogether they are poor work, and it was doubtless his recognition of this that caused Pynson in future to rely so largely on the purchase or imitation of foreign blocks. - "Fine Books", Alfred W. Pollard.

2) Where it is otherwise, it is not a version but an imitation. - "Early Theories of Translation", Flora Ross Amos.

3) There is a beautiful passage in the Imitation of Christ, " Love to be unknown." - "Letters of Madam Guyon", P. L. Upham.