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Spell check of base

Correct spelling: base

account, sadistic, despicable, bestial, dish, habitation, indecent, stolid, paltry, motif, nasty, modest, free radical, plate, fore, send, bag, settle down, place, lay down, nates, pedestal, venue, obnoxious, bed, beggarly, secular, common, menial, at bat, swinish, underlying, barbaric, understructure, salty, brutish, evil, initiation, dwelling house, floor, prime, basic, words, house, slavish, point of view, snide, garish, rootage, founding, insensible, colloquial, in bad taste, fatigues, vile, tight, outlandish, lowborn, bagful, vulgar, low-minded, al-Qa'ida, trading floor, sole, earthy, repulsive, innovation, affiliate, whereabouts, musical theme, animal, can, domicile, perverted, carboniferous, unspiritual, instauration, sinful, substratum, make, brim, miserly, indelicate, crass, inferior, traveling bag, bump, baby food, station, rump, origin, crude, dog tag, buns, old bag, impetus, squat, undercoat, keister, composition, primary, plinth, strand, mingy, lawbreaking, nursing home, seat, rough, mean, obscene, debased, footstall, felonious, coarse, posterior, root, anchor, earthly, cockney, paper, sales booth, ft, bastardly, ground, offensive, purse, alkali, compound, underpin, counterfeit, coarse-grained, proponent, agrochemical, group, brazen, iniquitous, level, boorish, prow, cornerstone, gaudy, base of operations, profane, unintellectual, pes, reside, found, tooth root, tooshie, bow, viewpoint, cheap, beginning, contemptible, sinister, edge, broad, ignorant, sordid, rank, shameless, subaltern, generalship, hind end, derriere, unrefined, contributor, storey, rest home, culprit, catalyst, scene, come from, board, agency, ball girl, creation, gross, wrongdoing, wicked, predicate, installation, ascendent, association, prove, radical, shew, black, give, rear, constitute, material, nucleotide, basement, brutal, acid, stand, locale, sympathizer, unseemly, reprehensible, the biz, tasteless, udder, criminal, wrong, rack, blue chip, etymon, origination, undignified, setting, corner, post, physical, tawdry, average, sensual, shank, amoral, chemical group, inelegant, dishonourable, report, immoral, tactless, hindquarters, fort, rude, settle, over, billet, police, evildoing, small, sottish, source, handbag, household, animal foot, underpinning, prat, ideologue, ill-bred, idea, trigger, institute, corrupt, villainous, rear end, improper, servile, wretched, carnal, ball boy, degenerate, cube root, depraved, graceless, petty, lower-ranking, chemical, exponent, solution, revolting, support group, advocate, fundament, flooring, chintzy, stall, bottom, meanspirited, melodic theme, arithmetic progression, launch, ignoble, aphrodisiac, show, mundane, stem, behind, sleazy, stalk, philistine, brute, friend, grounding, family, clumsy, computation, substructure, rudiment, nadir, agent, set up, free-base, site, organization, adherent, low-down, bad, infrastructure, tail end, cube, low, stem turn, stern, arrive, foundation, humble, chloride, supporter, damnable, foot, standstill, execrable, balk, dishonorable, institution, currish, bum, instal, unethical, headquarters, detestable, al-Qaeda, infantry, cup of tea, subject, grip, outdoor stage, imitative, common multiple, perverse, pocketbook, build, buttocks, occasion, batboy, common factor, beastly, basal, lowest, install, big business, raw, populate, worldly, menage, dirty, fanny, fundamental, unpolished, abode, ignominious, standpoint, demonstrate, element, home, home base, establish, complex, confines, plant, acquisition, basis, radix, hateful, homespun, dwelling, bandstand, tail, commission, cause, live, tush, metrical unit, center, story, depths, coefficient, creole, groundwork, run aground, ungenerous, convenience food, junior-grade, detail, ancestor, lowly, root word, baseball, antecedent, unbecoming, location, follower, debauched, confectionery, bevel, topic, backside, tie-up, suitcase, barnyard, back, scandalous, influence, shocking, misdoing, sponsor, garrison, invertebrate foot, baseborn, temporal, apex, metrical foot, Arabic numeral, illegitimate, inhabit, al-Qaida, footing, idiomatic, foundational, flash mob, ballpark, glaring, carbohydrate, imbruted, constant, ball, degraded, deviant, underneath, theme, elementary, bust, comfort food, home plate, lascivious, ascendant, underside, secondary, baseline, introduction, blameworthy, panel, club, human foot, rest, dairy, foundation garment.

elevated, upright, straight, haughty, right-minded, lofty, great, intelligent, righteous, respectable, right, honest, guiltless, scrupulous, uppity, superior, incident, refined, high-minded, arrogant, proper, intellectual, honorable, decent, humane, moral, lordly, blameless, exalted, echt, enlightened, incidental, ethical, good, unerring, exemplary, high-handed, virtuous, legitimate, irreproachable, grand, excellent, imperious, principled, venerable, noble, seemly, just, uncorrupted, incorruptible, genuine, reputable, commendable, high, supercilious.

Examples of usage:

1) Straight to the Air Force base. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

2) It wasn't really; it was a base metal, most of it. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) Not in the completest sense, but womanly enough to be spoiled- to base all her demands upon her charms, and not upon her rights. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.