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Spell check of body

Correct spelling: body

crowd, bald, crew, arsenal, omnium-gatherum, egg, panel, stiff, assembly, string, college, arm, collection, guy, block, symposium, detail, addendum, fullness, physique, duck, bony, individual, galère, team, gang, parcel, matter, BVDs, thing, wight, close-cropped, introduction, bundle, battalion, bed, bale, aftertaste, bank, cornerstone, personate, theory, cabal, staff, evidence, flock, hull, heft, brigade, shape, thesis, be, tribunal, society, party, passel, body count, host, man, density, collect, frame, discourse, torso, mummy, back, cell, texture, coterie, bull bar, chamber, materialize, dust, clay, force, bristly, system, human being, book, junta, budget, face, meeting, group, squad, division, corpse, organic structure, clump, cluster, army, salad, carrion, article, head, antler, object, figure, covey, association, addition, groundwork, quorum, balcony, agglomeration, board, nest, bird, flank, scaffold, proboscis, human, heart, abdomen, richness, company, remains, cadaver, something, bay, federation, fleet, cabinet, coiffed, clinic, scout, savor, mass, sect, pack, variety, consistency, form, binding, police, brassiere, flash mob, bunch, parliament, battery, belly, treatise, committee, assemblage, bonnet, congress, convention, briefs, medley, consistence, automobile trunk, school, acknowledgments, slob, phalanx, council, bra, dead body, anatomical, retinue, colony, gist, band, mob, artwork, corpus, ring, belly button, fraternity, bustier, substructure, drove, body suit, lot, baby, class, unit, generality, camisole, bulk, clutch, girth, skeleton, mix, assortment, aggregate, balding, survive, detachment, preface, forum, basis, bole, chest, capsule, manifest, caucus, soul, alcove, blowhole, gathering, fellowship, build, quantity, beading, embody, boxers, anatomy, bumper, legislature, bad hair day, externalize, armor, core, mortal, bushy, essence, conclave, conference, whole, court, bod, sort, substantiate, posse, guts, organization, inquisition, armour, litter, cookie, side, exposition, chief, specimen, wing, aggregation, get-together, carapace, constellation, taste, catacombs, community, bloomers, stuff, network, platoon, carcass, boodle, tree trunk, league, bodywork, quantum, knot, clique, make, coven, brunt, big, convocation, soundbox, bouffant, brickwork, stew, axle, ashes, bedhead, customer, partnership, union, consortium, formation, troupe, blurb, luggage compartment, huddle, chassis, faction, fold, front, argument, grouping, herd, substance, exteriorize, flavor, endure, amount, personify, incarnate, demonstration, clan, personage, muster, commission, crop, bevy, cadre, trunk, corps, fish, support group, physical structure, bloc, coalition, summit, set, club, substitute, array, outfit, objectify, staple, consort, foundation, congregation, character, regiment, person, hive, complement, main, creature, decedent, boot, being, material, life, afterword, dissertation, appendix, ceiling, troop, circle, batch, bite, weight, personalize, thickness, box, tribe.

brute, accessory, individual, feature, critter, mind, soul, piece, component, individualist, animal, beastie, extension, constituent, facet, side, ingredient, aspect, angle, appendage, intellect, quality, spirit, adjunct, division, section, beast, part, loner, segment, single, element, intelligence, offshoot.

Examples of usage:

1) What is the human body, in the view of the Christian? - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) It was her heart, her mind, which was sick and tired, not her body. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) You've got a good body and a good head, young man,- lie by a little and I'll give ye some broth. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.