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Spell check of back

Correct spelling: back

punt, clog up, prat, concentrate, beat out, arm, corroborate, ago, front, forward, subscribe, car park, fend for, bandaging, blanket, buns, hindermost, sand, cover song, cover version, substantiate, board, final, center forward, put on, part, tolerate, thorn, blast, true, occupy, retaliatory, cover, screen, binding, tooshie, hind end, favor, stand by, brim, uphold, caboose, endure, heart, top, lynchpin, backfield, impale, liable, book binding, stand, belong, side with, belly button, aback, rear, fundament, afterword, backbone, squat, justify, at one time, get, serve, corner, hind, stake, stern, bear out, stomach, subsidize, in reply, confines, acknowledgments, bet, succor, once, back up, back away, bet on, derriere, chaise lounge, prickle, spinal column, speak up for, arrange, up front, pole, reside, backtrack, sympathize, bottom, terminal, warrant, acantha, concealment, blurb, fund, game, moxie, somehow, nates, scatter, attest, bang out, against, just, underpin, backside, digest, dressing, avail, debt-ridden, onward, posterior, sticker, still, keep going, indorse, affirm, conference, rear end, confirm, abaft, lie, assist, bump, tit-for-tat, chair, precede, delinquent, dorsal, recommend, foul, abdomen, alleyway, girth, body, articulation, jeopardize, foster, seat, opposite, retreat, plunk for, rearmost, someway, prop, spikelet, accompany, before, defend, dorsum, promote, stick out, hinder, sit, capitalize, put up, align, natural covering, past, ally, appendix, indebted, around, live, congest, verify, arcade, covering, previously, baton, behind, pricker, post, anchor, blue, patronage, pull away, tail end, hazard, gumption, noncurrent, boy, bevel, evidence, keister, up, belly, flank, fall back, guts, bear, second, exist, arrive, evenly, armchair, astern, artwork, face, revengeful, abide, cover charge, inhabit, testify, patronize, champion, away, already, caudal, linchpin, insolvent, populate, ballplayer, come from, overdrawn, abet, close, hindmost, toss, draw back, alley, benefit, aftermost, back off, grit, hindquarters, club, edge, blind alley, addendum, finance, shrink, rump, rachis, back end, reverse, backmost, campus, atmospherics, mainstay, screening, get behind, all-American, cloister, settle, back down, backward, outside, retrograde, line, masking, book, keystone, help, retrocede, backpedal, clog, brook, stand behind, armrest, vertebral column, bailiff, venture, chaise longue, choke off, chaise, fanny, buttocks, authenticate, advocate, backwards, down, cane, choke, base, about, aid, center, withdraw, following, rearwards, adventure, support, hold, place, stand aside, grubstake, sustain, end, see, stiffen, tush, plump for, debtor, spine, buttress, aft, covering fire, backyard, set, otherwise, patronise, agree with, bum, gamble, money, vengeful, bolster, tail, blast away, in front, strengthen, hold up, settle down, red ink, validate, chest, endorse, backrest, gage, chesterfield, bankroll, certify, covert, rearward, spur, suffer, apex, together, retrogress, hinge, after, can.

current, forwards, forrad, anterior, forrard, look, fore, advance, frontward, frontwards, veer, face, frontal, bring forward, ventral, forward, front, ahead.

Examples of usage:

1) You'll have to go back to Daniel Hawkins' farm. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Back to the house he went. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Aye, but Henry's dead an' will no come back! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.