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Spell check of basis

Correct spelling: basis

creation, milestone, can, opinion, priming, cause, generation, root word, enforcement, priming coat, primer, motivator, text, belief, topic, warp, justification, institution, introduction, circumstance, position, situation, mainspring, conjuncture, consideration, presumption, nucleus, query, motivation, pretext, tactic, moment, security, excuse, fundamental, evocation, stern, motif, background, argument, contention, grounding, key, manner, status, terms, warrant, solid ground, understructure, instant, frequency, radix, axiom, postulation, backing, keister, action, innovation, antecedent, occurrence, seat, dissertation, term, bedrock, compunction, staple, idea, connect, rate, concept, procedure, nates, hypothesis, method, thesis, motive, posterior, provocation, flat coat, point, instauration, soil, conjecture, principle, factor, occasion, essay, proof, true, rear, theorem, rear end, home, tail end, time, bum, earth, bottom, keystone, stand, underpinning, premise, groundwork, happening, long, founding, explanation, irregular, cardinal point, reason, system, hind end, effectuation, foundation garment, evidence, feature, priority, bag, tooshie, floor, force, assertion, ground, backside, tail, irregularity, foot, condition, warp and woof, prat, exposition, nexus, buttocks, foothold, dry land, problem, substratum, data, behind, paradigm, episode, authority, substructure, juncture, alkali, concern, source, buns, nucleotide, fundament, terra firma, inspiration, mode, assumption, theme, event, core, undercoat, tush, fanny, rump, question, length, derriere, issue, means, land, cornerstone, support, radical, root, postulate, drive, primer coat, determinant, initiation, rudiment, bed, essence, al-Qaida, stimulus, al-Qaeda, matter, execution, foundation, technique, infrastructure, subject, over, inference, compulsion, footing, hindquarters, landmark, al-Qa'ida, stem, element, origination, pedestal, grounds, elicitation, base, base of operations, much, incidence, statement, way.

Examples of usage:

1) I will be glad however, to learn the basis upon which it is proposed to make the test an official investigation. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Progress is only possible on the basis of industrial freedom and private property; and in the socialist controversy there is no question about the necessity of progress. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Our contract was finally settled on the basis of midnight Saturday or no pay. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.