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Spell check of core

Correct spelling: core

fondness, crater, half-and-half, blood, keynote, gathering, snapper, crossing, sunspot, marrow squash, warmness, mall, midway, convergent, charter member, feature, brunt, pump, dextrose, axle, center of gravity, centerfield, hub, academician, impression, shopping center, omphalos, effect, stub, sum total, centerpiece, critical mass, base, lure, geocentric, join, medium, ticker, primary, center field, associate, congress of racial equality, bone marrow, asymptote, event, chief, amount of money, nectar, mecca, centre, rudimentary, bottom line, bottleneck, intersection, total, cynosure, upshot, meat and potatoes, key, corona, intermediate, flesh, nucleus, onus, burden, butchery, ground zero, sum of money, midst, inner, branch, perfume, confederate, nuclear energy, mass, concern, affectionateness, quick, rendezvous, asymptotic, marrow, gut, chill, nerve centre, warmheartedness, bulk, main, predominant, shopping centre, blanch, spirit, encumbrance, staple, nubbin, substance, cold fusion, lodestar, plenum, soul, bisection, subjective, elementary, capital, union, juice, central, affection, hull, heart and soul, equidistant, cross section, quintessence, pivot, mediocre, heft, center, shopping mall, magnetic core, middle-of-the-road, message, fusion, point, sum, polestar, halfway point, heartstrings, bake, incumbrance, epicenter, intestinal, mid, weight, pith, innermost, summation, meltdown, inherent, natural, nerve center, arriviste, medial, essence, pectin, mean, root, principal, interior, inward, basis, aggregate, gist, bosom, mezzo, raw, meaning, intrinsic, basic, atomic energy, peel, eye, heart, philia, centrality, middling, consequence, magnitude, internal, axial, belly, nexus, baby, midmost, nub, spunk, core group, karyon, fast-breeder reactor, focus, priority, element, leading, blend, stuff, mediocrity, meat, cell nucleus, inside, gravamen, nuclear, nitty-gritty, amount, bone, median, magnet, butcher, axis, inland, heavy water, rally, load, be, beat, forum, prime, funnel, generality, vegetable marrow, navel, kernel, subject matter, centralized, seat, inwardness, supreme, crux, middle, locus, fundamental, pivotal, bisecting, result, peelings, halfway, elemental, half, carve, nerve, loading, issue, commissioner, outcome, bruising, mettle, nubble, alumnus, essential, internality, plaza, force, means, epitome, content, totality, tenderness, average, center of attention, net, midpoint, inner space, start, bottom, visceral, focal, butter, bull's-eye.

periphery, part, division, adjunct, segment, section, constituent, side, facet, element, offshoot, ingredient, piece, quality, aspect, perimeter, accessory, angle, feature, component, appendage, extension.

Examples of usage:

1) It certainly would have been more appropriate to explain a religion religiously, and not to evade the very core of the subject. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) It is this breadth of conception and unerringness of vision piercing through the external and accidental to the core of man's mixed nature which give certain of her creations something of the life- like complexity of Shakespeare's. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

3) The nation was not corrupt at the core. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.