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Spell check of anatomy

Correct spelling: anatomy

name, strain, grade, review, taxidermy, general anatomy, ballistics, class, search, haoma, biology, astronomy, investigate, constitution, examination, flesh, structure, skeleton, human, image, diagnosis, variant, framework, carapace, construction, form, public figure, condition, big science, manakin, astrophysics, physiology, assemble, anatomical, signifier, makeup, cast, ethnology, habitus, architecture, dissection, body, antler, bacteriology, physique, composition, body-build, assay, pulp, building, frame of reference, contour, variety, check, breakdown, arrangement, configuration, manikin, body image, bony, skeletal system, genetics, systema skeletale, analysis, design, fig, blowhole, frame, build, physical, sort, inspection, human body, chassis, bod, physically, mannikin, due diligence, edifice, framing, inning, digit, biochemistry, mannequin, bodily, anatomizing, belly, division, zoology, survey, capsule, course, medicine, conformation, anthropology, embodiment, aerodynamics, phase, underframe, descriptor, deconstruction, material body, fabric, physical body, var., trope, aeronautics, figure of speech, number, figure, skeletal frame, somatic, kind, arm, shape, person, word form, carcass, scrutiny, pattern, soma.

amalgamation, unification, synthesis, conglomeration, aggregation, coalescence, assimilation, agglomeration, integration, consolidation.

Examples of usage:

1) One man was wounded, another lost the tail of his coat and a part of his anatomy. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) No need for anatomy here, or at home for that matter; if an artist can't remember the reflected blue on warm damp flesh, he does not better matters by telling us what he has learned of the machinery inside- that is, of course, where Michael Angelo did not quite pull it off. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

3) The gentleman did not seem to be consoled by that reflection; he paid no attention to the cane, but was intent only upon rubbing the wounded part of his anatomy. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.