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Spell check of composition

Correct spelling: composition

blend, emulsion, potpourri, embodiment, paternity, construction, meld, ease, part, designing, portrayal, composite, written report, report card, aria, organization, reputation, agree, paper, planning, production, getup, song, patch, concoction, stew, motif, verse, piece of music, fundamental law, ensemble, transcription, bit, combination, tune, admixture, compromise, structure, hybrid, ordonnance, newspaper, write up, chorus, penning, radical, exposition, mix, moderation, firearm, mobilization, alleviation, words, equipment, amalgam, idea, hymn, membership, root, restraint, infusion, literature, musical theme, establishment, synthesis, typescript, handwriting, decoction, mongrel, paste, journalism, invention, slice, harmony, small-arm, fostering, consolidation, musical composition, quartet, lullaby, study, design, spell, temperateness, enmeshment, blending, correspondence, calming, compound, rhythm, bebop, carol, account, envelopment, style, recording, news report, frame, jazz, objet d'art, formulation, involvement, work, agreement, assembly, formation, concert, conception, root word, writing, fabric, marriage, gentleness, commixture, ditty, concord, inclusion, instrumental, placing, committal to writing, building, biography, presentation, organic law, relation, blues, book, article, development, framework, symphony, constitution, piece, wedding, typography, tranquility, notation, settlement, base, opus, balance, make-up, preparation, man, edifice, medium, written material, piece of writing, format, makeup, score, fabrication, vocalization, medley, make, anatomy, integration, ballad, music, conformation, melody, distribution, configuration, form, skeleton, essay, calligraphy, theme, art object, incorporation, story, architecture, consonance, intermixture, drafting, subject, creation, softness, newspaper publisher, mixture, alloy, give-and-take, melodic theme, lyric, layout, quiet, union, elixir, mash, entanglement, report, serenade, compilation, brew, air, organisation, constellation, number, symmetry, war paint, authorship, conglomerate, amalgamation, topic, partnership, psalm, hodgepodge, consistency, pattern, while, arrangement, accommodation, shape, stem, composing, amalgamate, syncopation, ballet, rewriting, poetry, conglomeration, pacification, fusion, merger, proportion.

Examples of usage:

1) Tensor floated over and peered into the stumps, examining the composition and structure. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.

2) So that only in a photograph can one even enjoy the composition- all that is left of the Master. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) " But, on the whole, she has been kind to us," said Pauline, who had some sense of justice in her composition, angry as she felt at the moment. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.