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Spell check of infusion

Correct spelling: infusion

concoction, assembly, blend, potpourri, ensemble, paste, composition, blending, presentation, combination, decoction, extract, excerpt, conglomerate, excerption, allocation, strain, distribution, merger, release, permeation, emulsion, alloy, percolation, beverage, amalgamate, liquid, stew, admixture, passage, pick-me-up, drop, mash, potion, allotment, amalgam, supply, hybrid, nectar, compound, mix, meld, medley, brew, elixir, provision, composite, incorporation, interfusion, amalgamation, mongrel, issue, hodgepodge, selection, fusion, drink, mixture, commixture, refreshments, intermixture, infiltration, conglomeration, delivery, handover.

Examples of usage:

1) It is an easy matter to refer the peculiarities of the Spanish character to the infusion of Oriental blood; and with some of them it may be the case. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

2) I think, too, that a similarly undue inference has been drawn from the extent to which the Kaffre and the Korana are alike; inasmuch as an infusion of Kaffre has been assumed for the sake of accounting for it. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

3) It was inhabited by sturdy gentry and peasantry and by agile highlanders, all composed of the same racial elements as the Greeks, with perhaps a preponderant infusion of northern blood which had come south long ago with emigrants from the Danubian lands. - "The Ancient East", D. G. Hogarth.