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Spell check of dip

Correct spelling: dip

inclination of an orbit, go down, hanging, absorb, elude, spill, corral, skim, sink, immerge, plop, evade, descend, cavity, immerse, cleft, broth, downslope, nightfall, dye, reader, slur, enter, gloam, cow town, perusal, put out, slide down, crate, bath, leaning, concoction, downhill, hedge, B.A., soak, crawl, associate degree, grade, drench, dairy, parry, inclining, dump, muck out, sag, suspension, disposition, cliff, cranny, tilt, sop, decrease, capitulation, associate, blowhole, slope, speed reading, wanker, inclination, cretin, tendency, lade, tumble, circumvent, drown, deadhead, preparation, driblet, advanced degree, surrender, bail, reading, belly flop, Associate of Arts, swim, solution, drib, rise, reading group, color, slump, drop curtain, magnetic inclination, shrinkage, reduction, slip, crepuscle, pitch, descent, cattle prod, coulis, brand, spastic, fudge, autumn, angle of inclination, catsup, drop-off, A.A., dunce, plunge, plummet, drop down, browse, down, mixture, come down, put off, colors, bathe, decompression, dwindle, balsamic vinegar, decline, 2.1, engross, wallow, magnetic dip, dork, pass, baccalaureate, blur, cut, souse, crook, rub down, barbecue sauce, hollow, settle, words, submerse, depression, abyss, submerge, backstroke, downfall, investigate, aspic, fall, free fall, twilight, duck, liquid, collapse, ladle, drop, pearl, scoop, pin, soak up, crater, evenfall, subside, shrink, dowse, aioli, chutney, groom, bury, cutback, sinking, bouillon cube, bachelor's degree, saturation, bead, cutpurse, fall off, give, declivity, breaststroke, flood, blind, gloaming, nosedive, hit it up, cannonball, cow, drop cloth, douse, 2.2, dunk, list, dusk, inebriate, declination, lower, dim, steep, sidestep, lean, plunk, launch, pickpocket, crepuscule, scan, engulf, diminish, bathing, angle of dip, run through, inundate, grooming, channel, immersion, flip through, infusion, aperture, appetizer, dodge, skirt, readership, go under, spread, hang, dive, downgrade, declension, lapse.

grade, gradient, pitch, ascent, rising, incline, glacis, upswing, soaring, advance, rise, headway, upturn, improvement, rake, hill, inclination, uphill, climb, progression, uprise, lean, tilt, acclivity, upgrade, progress, betterment.

Examples of usage:

1) There they were, in the light of a peat fire and the tallow dip, supremely happy. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) Put this in your Note- Book: Dip is -. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) There to the left, where you see the dip in the ridge, that's Kilkieran. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.