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Spell check of dim

Correct spelling: dim

pale, darkened, brain-dead, drowsy, difficult, cloud, obfuscate, inglorious, speechless, muted, elusive, low-key, slur, boorish, imperceptible, beta version, confused, mordant, caliginous, loutish, stark, smear, dopey, deadening, idiotic, cutting, oafish, gauzy, bleary, vague, black-market, erode, sinister, stupefied, opaque, incomprehensible, commemorative, wraithlike, obscure, lethargic, slow-witted, soft, swarthy, sink, bovine, ho-hum, misty, glaze over, shadowed, extinguish, colors, smutch, confusing, shadow, unintelligent, moderate, indistinct, lamebrain, sluggish, tedious, dulled, tiresome, leaden, black, smudge, blacken, filmy, ponderous, softened, dunderheaded, souse, simple-minded, nebulous, involved, fateful, contorted, bleak, silhouetted, shade, plunge, chuckleheaded, light-headed, somber, pitch-black, disastrous, darkling, timid, ignominious, apathetic, accounting package, application, duck, dunk, conscious, overshadow, wearisome, umbrageous, shrivel, sleepy, etched, half-witted, dip, feeble, dull, doltish, disgraceful, darken, confuse, soporific, low-keyed, blur, eclipse, dimly, murky, lightless, weak, cloddish, unlit, lightheaded, complicated, shadowy, stygian, benumbed, doubtful, inconceivable, light, thick-witted, silent, subdued, swooning, pitch-dark, insipid, dim-witted, foggy, shameful, mysterious, drab, reduce, mat, unclear, weaken, shaded, mute, dusky, fainthearted, subtle, impenetrable, pinheaded, catchy, automatic recovery program, undefined, dusk, purblind, chip away, flat, blindfold, witless, darksome, clear, fuzzy, application software, dilute, fatuous, lackluster, indefinite, dreary, sooty, besotted, slow, dimmed, intricate, thickheaded, irksome, hopeless, wisplike, simple, brainless, weak-minded, faint, softheaded, douse, sable, backup utility, improbable, smutty, autoresponder, faint-hearted, muffled, dorky, comatose, dense, elaborate, dark, opprobrious, gormless, complex, airheaded, mindless, half-lit, birdbrained, inconspicuous, dumb, undistinct, invisible, authoring software, pitchy, ill-defined, senseless, obstruct, raw, empty-headed, fog, obnubilate, swart, block out, blind, remote, bare, blurry, thudding, dismal, film over, contraband, cut out, tenebrific, tenebrous, lessen, bootleg, indistinguishable, blackened, desolate, wan, boneheaded, obtuse, alpha version, quiet, gloomy, lusterless, rayless, silly, blear, vacuous, cloudy, blunt, blurred, darkish, subside, bubbleheaded, hazy, boring, smuggled, grim, undetermined, inky, calamitous, unsmart, barren, heavy, unlikely, bonehead, thick, obscured, muddy, shady, wispy, low-beam, lunkheaded, hushed, fatal, address book.

quick, undimmed, definite, savvy, silken, gemmy, intelligent, erudite, lucid, alight, informed, lightsome, shimmering, glossy, shiny, smart, brainy, perspicacious, certain, hopeful, clear, perceptive, learned, radiant, foxy, slippery, firm, clever, lustrous, schooled, trained, effulgent, percipient, brightened, varnished, beamy, nimble, sapient, insightful, ingenious, gleaming, knowledgeable, scholarly, lambent, polished, resourceful, rational, glaring, glittering, skilled, sharp-witted, shining, discerning, reasonable, evident, sane, sound, lit, pellucid, glinting, beaming, dazzling, plain, focus, glistening, luminous, relucent, highbrow, sage, candescent, illumined, scintillating, judicious, incandescent, astute, aglitter, satin, focalise, cerebral, keen, burnished, lucent, glimmering, shellacked, light, sparkling, white, silky, fast, refulgent, floodlit, focalize, distinct, educated, acute, sharp, crafty, buffed, wily, prudent, moony, supersmart, satiny, brilliant, bright, rubbed, logical, shrewd, highlighted, sagacious, ultrasmart, sensible, glazed, glowing, starlit, slick, agleam, knowing, sleek, brighten, twinkling, well-read, transparent, obvious, bedazzling, apt, thinking, strong, wise, crystalline, illuminated, fulgent, ablaze, moonlit, quick-witted, literate, valid, sure, lacquered, cunning, hyperintelligent, intellectual, sunlit, resplendent.

Examples of usage:

1) This colossal figure seen in the dim light of the cathedral eloquently expresses its inscription: " Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) Behind these the grey morning grew; a dim day broke slowly on the tired, shaken city. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) At the sight of the animal his eyes grew dim. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.