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Spell check of nip

Correct spelling: nip

nip off, reach, squeeze, drain, cull, run, thieve, nippiness, burglarize, abstract, sprinkling, hotfoot, skosh, festinate, hook, bolt, truncate, shrink, speck, twinge, cop, strike, spot, smidgen, steal, scrunch, drink, blackmail, dash, clip, catch, zoom, pocket, chilliness, wing, diminish, lift, driblet, touch, poach, zing, condense, holdup, chaser, rustle, grab, morsel, crush, pungency, pilfer, deflate, haste, bustle, hasten, minimize, pare, tweet, lick, swindle, plagiarize, rawness, piquancy, loot, little, splash, whirl, bob, bite, mug, hint, cup, flatten, tanginess, race, give, haul, bucket, filch, embezzle, move, shave, mite, flit, trim, whiz, defraud, lessen, highball, scour, ace, piquance, smack, shadow, twitch, lighten, shanghai, double, stickup, shred, press, scruple, help, snip off, prune, shear, shade, suspicion, pelt, snitch, gnaw, abbreviate, decrement, peanuts, palm, concentrate, compress, soup├žon, zest, compact, tad, chew up, alcohol, shoot, snip, shorten, rob, scintilla, belt, sip, purloin, fleet, blight, hijack, scoot, barrel, crunch, rush, pinch, shot, whisk, shoplift, chatter, ounce, chew, chomp, zip, downgrade, trot, sharpness, champ, crumb, snap, fly, rip, smell, abridge, glimmer, rip off, hurry, taper, streak, decrease, plunder, booze, erode, rocket, dab, spatter, flash, fleece, hustle, pirate, sprint, ray, extort, deplete, curtail, sail, tear, dwindle, dram, heist, spice, grind, rub, compression, contract, dart, strain, bit, blast, aperitif, reduce, bleakness, spark, trace, depress, bitterness, weed, crop, swipe, speed, bite at.

gobs, oodles, hunk, stack, warmness, sultriness, lashings, oversupply, chunk, raft, scads, hotness, surplus, dullness, predictability, fistful, slab, lump, wealth, blandness, thinness, barrel, surfeit, abundance, deal, heat, superabundance, bonanza, wad, peck, profusion, embarrassment, bundle, pile, passel, mountain, weakness, overkill, superfluity, quantity, sameness, tediousness, lot, warmth, mass, plenty, overmuch, overflow, tastelessness, insipidity, platitude, monotonousness, balminess, boatload, potful, reams, volume, bucket, much, excess, overage, monotony, flatness, heaps, loads, bushel, overabundance, mess.

Examples of usage:

1) The next day, as she sat by her window up- stairs, she looked out at the first nip of winter. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) Slaney had not the nerve to face that, and, besides, as he rightfully reflected, it would serve no purpose except to nip in the bud the career of a promising police officer. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) Ethel Blue was particularly interested in his tales of the days at West Point when he and her father had ranked so nearly together that it was nip and tuck between them all the way through. - "Ethel Morton at Chautauqua", Mabell S. C. Smith.