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Spell check of dig

Correct spelling: dig

jade, dredge, bray, dis, love, look up, expedition, probe, pick up, relish, comprehend, nail, knock over, shooter, hand-wringing, inquire, circumnavigate, hand, personality, craunch, pound, weary, moil, ray, slap, digs, reach, thrust, consider, get, research, twig, put in, quill, turn, lance, barb, injection, tool, core out, make, excavate, thrusting, ray of light, roil, corrugate, grasp, drive, sink, ridicule, innuendo, enjoy, moon, outwear, uncover, churn, slur, dead reckoning, put-down, tire out, snap, tip over, fatigue, slight, hold on, grub, tire, understand, gibe, spear, brickbat, grind, lodgings, flat, bulldoze, pry, dart, taunt, toil, show, stick, cop, go for, incise, accept, flute, burrow, moot, poking, labor, calamus, savor, debate, embrace, bon mot, mining, follow up, roll, flip over, offense, shaft of light, beckon, suite, dick, apprehend, plunge, snapshot, gird, beam of light, scape, savvy, crunch, run, comminute, arrest, compass, rotating shaft, give, shot, pass on, wear upon, tenement, shovel, flag down, gather, incite, putz, jabbing, diggings, guess, quail at, irradiation, tug, nudge, catch, travail, tunnel, wear out, fathom, read, epithet, acknowledge, bowl over, bromide, pass, bore, poke, collar, allusion, thump, scoop, hollow out, enter, nose, guesswork, excavation, see, dig up, blastoff, archeological site, acknowledgment, light beam, boil, touch, explore, investigate, flip, look into, jibe, turn up, shaft, cut into, dado, jog, scene, rut, conceive, check up on, unearth, like, horn in, slam, make out, backchat, take, knife, indicate, stab, wear down, intrude, cover, furrow, motion, dig out, diaphysis, encompass, cranch, jab, sweep, shooting, ram, name, cut, indignity, sarcasm, tump over, lunge, affront, grate, grok, overturn, peter, push, aside, groove, fag out, labour, back talk, perceive, digging, deliberate, afterthought, grub up, exploration, nab, outrage, poke at, beam, guessing, sense, scout, spade, reconnoiter, pellet, dab, drudge, adore, ken, delve, channel, get the picture, mash, insult, upset, flip off, follow, turn over, egg on, high five, comment, hollow, prod, take in, wear.

adulation, compliment, applause, accolade, praise, flattery, acclaim, commendation.

Examples of usage:

1) I'll dig for the gold, indeed I will, but I'd like to go on a hunt now and then. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) How wonderful to dig such beauty from the dark ground down in the black earth! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Dig up some ice. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.