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Spell check of drench

Correct spelling: drench

overcharge, surcharge, douse, inundate, bathe, wet down, inebriate, flood, wash, immerse, hit it up, imbrue, pluck, intoxicate, deluge, souse, steep, shower, dry, bedraggle, macerate, swamp, squirt, fleece, wet, dunk, slosh, gazump, imbue, hook, engulf, waterlog, plunge, water, pawn, sluice, plume, submerge, impregnate, water-soak, dowse, saturate, drown, dampen, sop, soak, rinse, put out, wipe up, soak through, rob, duck, hock, wring, hose, sodden, moisten, dip.

drain, freeze-dry, dry, desiccate, evaporate, dehumidify, empty, dehydrate, sear, wring, scorch, parch, drip-dry, void.

Examples of usage:

1) I have lived in France, and in many a sunset I have seen the blood that would drench her fairest pastures. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.

2) Came a drench, bitter- sweet, enabling speech: like a moan it broke weak, though at his full expense, 'Diadyomene. - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.

3) And with them shall enter the brine to drench you with anguish. - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.