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Spell check of dunk

Correct spelling: dunk

put out, inundate, plunk, dunk shot, dump, dip, immerse, sink, dive, flood, plunge, dim, soak, foul out, absorb, stuff shot, drench, enter, inebriate, submerse, submerge, carry, splash, duck, hit it up, sop, plop, bathe, dowse, soak up, backboard, basket, go down, immerge, souse, wallow, engross, field goal, basketball, go under, immersion, swim, full-court press, foul line, launch, steep, drown, engulf, douse, center, goaltending.

Examples of usage:

1) Marty brought home word at night to the old Day house that Mr. Haley had put up at the Lake View Inn; that he had let two of the older boys try out his motorcycle; that he could pitch a ball that " Dunk" Peters couldn't hit, even though " Dunk" had played one season with the Fitchburg team. - "Janice Day", Helen Beecher Long.

2) Though the wommera, or, as it is known locally, the yellamun, is common in the neighbourhood of Dunk Island, it is not employed as an accessory in the spearing of fish. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.

3) And when I did think of Dinky- Dunk I had to laugh. - "The Prairie Mother", Arthur Stringer.