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Spell check of fall

Correct spelling: fall

go, refund, flow, put across, fall down, decline in quality, the Ark of the Covenant, flood, snow, British Summer Time, peg, pension off, drop dead, invade, minify, regress, root, shine, occupy, slack off, finalise, change into, travel by, crash, impress, glide by, illuminate, diction, bate, drop-off, bed, deign, evenfall, flounder, bar mitzvah, waterfall, repay, blunder, boil down, impinge on, carpet, degenerate, carry, rowlock, release, let up, subside, sinking, lead, affect, giving up, expunge, top, degeneration, get back, slip, run into, angle of dip, dismount, strickle, come to, convert, unhorse, elapse, surpass, attend, conk, drib, chance on, step-down, stock, take root, transpire, downhill, loss, risk, befall, dec, ruination, pronounce, succumb, twilight, locate, communicate, daylight saving time, pronunciation, authorise, bomb, get off, Chanukah, collapse, force, gloam, subjugate, covering, rapport, unfold, magnetic dip, midsummer, fare, discover, give back, expire, turn back, bathe, bare-knuckle, stutter, hang up, boxing, depression, finalize, depart, reflect, bowling pin, flameout, hunker down, collide with, go across, happen upon, smooth, drubbing, extend, falter, October, assume, patch up, channel, decline, give, make up, cling, descend, diminishment, crater, relationship, snuff it, deteriorate, pitch, choke, go past, resist, revert, hang out, precipitation, cease, reconciliation, revenge, beam, lower, depletion, render, become, magnetic inclination, decease, declination, connect, exit, bed down, plunge, suppress, beauty contest, origin, thole, tholepin, yielding, nose dive, pass on, articulate, demolition, sicken, demise, come upon, overstep, perish, cut, declivity, blanket, overhaul, fail, turn over, reduce, swoop, fleet, croak, feed, happen, deterioration, Götterdämmerung, partnership, fade, November, flag, hammering, riposte, count out, pratfall, pink slip, slip by, lineage, direct elections, stumble, cash in one's chips, make out, square off, mint, capitulation, overthrow, follow, equinox, ensconce, betide, take place, inclination, diversify, suspend, down, rise, chute, tumble, bayou, comedown, alter, open up, wane, win, kick the bucket, conciliate, arrive, attain, abate, dive, pay heed, excise, cascade, diverge, campaign, dip, slide by, spillage, conquer, blood, ebb, lay, come to pass, pin, make pass, decadence, die, reconcile, beating, filiation, destruction, settle down, tilt, advert, see, transgression, resolve, spend, pedigree, supervene, rejoin, decrease, take, abatement, filter, annex, come down, downfall, take up, ease, pearl, enunciate, oarlock, humiliation, line of descent, fall through, part, storm, cutpurse, autumn, try, illume, the midnight sun, bring back, electioneering, fall off, lessen, recall, fall out, get along, celestial latitude, total, pass away, egest, polish, incline, transcend, declension, divide, course, slide, chemistry, chance upon, light upon, move, crepuscule, light up, hang, stick, downslope, bead, coin, hit, play, line, excrete, turn into, fire up, worsening, reduction, buy the farm, add up, dusk, end, degradation, diminish, confluence, go by, stemma, glitter, lowering, witness, unscrew, box, discharge, harden, dismiss, elimination, descent, slacken, eliminate, set, diagonal, nightfall, come in, return, gloaming, topple, by-election, intone, strike, yield, bunk, glimpse, illumine, glint, generate, backwater, derive, lapse, glisten, light, surrender, modulate, cross, downgrade, give-up the ghost, sink, nosedive, stammer, ascend, spot, number, go into, come across, relations, abasement, pickpocket, connection, chad, retort, decrement, shrinkage, rake, chance, bifurcate, blood line, fire, go on, arm-wrestling, lose, disenfranchise, menstruate, thrive, plummet, slump, occur, bend, shrink, flux, link, elect, slip away, dwindle, election, come, curl up, do, take back, recession, boxer, gentile, wasteweir, sleet, dangle, skid, harvest, drop cloth, shift, go along, fall short, hail, grade, midwinter, walk out, radiate, ignite, rainfall, flunk, bloodline, reach, branch off, reelect, gleam, drop, driblet, bottom, lay off, pick out, devolve, cutback, pay off, perch, hanging, determine, get, evanesce, exceed, authorize, break, go under, bechance, crepuscle, corner, come up, fall upon, cuddle up, spill, advance poll, pry, besiege, ease out, breakdown, defeat, settle, clear, drown, bantamweight, focus, scratch, flop, deliver, Midsummer Day, nail down, bat mitzvah, landing, cataract, massacre, go through, free fall, issue forth, precipitate, seize, trip, tie, observe, condescend, take chances, chief rabbi, make it, rain, get down, pass, increase, pivot, remit, September, unlock, degeneracy, moderate, starve, catch, error, regrets, rout, hand, association, bust, belittle, ruin, extraction, smoothen, dairy, right, waver, elevation, eclipse, draw, resignation, bight, diminution, suffocate, branch, come about, adjudicate, autumnal, spillway, sin, pass by, go down, string, slope, come back, string up, pass off, ancestry, overtake, retrovert, lift, drop curtain, decide, blow over, pop off, square up, glow, cliff, give ear, retire, parentage, subdue, bout, steady down, accrue, quaver, guide, subsidence, articulation, droop, run, legislate, sling, falloff, change, undo, dent, amount, tend, decay, hark back, alight, devolution, hap.

arise, revitalization, progression, hill, grade, growth, addendum, enhancement, ascension, increase, upswing, flowering, renewal, enlargement, climb, augmentation, acclivity, restoration, advancement, flourishing, lift, ascent, boost, evolution, soaring, exaltation, uphill, glacis, advance, ascend, supplement, uptick, accrual, betterment, come up, prime, progress, incline, accretion, accumulation, gain, step-up, addition, increment, continuation, rise, headway, up, raise, rising, blossoming, tilt, move up, development, pitch, heyday, extension, inclination, gradient, upturn, uptrend, upgrade, heightening, uprise, flower, aggrandizement, go up, lean, rake, improvement.

Examples of usage:

1) With his left hand he knocked up the pistol and caused it to fall to the ground. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) While I was doing that she had read the story of the fall on my face. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) She was seeing them fall. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.