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Spell check of give

Correct spelling: give

fountain, pay, entertain, get out, alms, disintegrate, birth, burst, fox, kick in, withstand, adjudge, bestow, perform, strive, fuddle, sleep with, bemuse, deed, present, go against, give-up the ghost, harbour, divulge, course, approach, report, pliability, evanesce, expire, face, cast, shower, let the cat out of the bag, set in, bring back, collect, revise, hand, what, enact, withhold, bust, subsidize, drug, book, endue, moot, install, let, dramatize, shrink, recall, free, snap off, impart, tip over, spill the beans, malleability, oblige, call forth, bring in, excrete, orate, chair, generate, move over, hit, implement, dispose of, exhibit, let out, go on, lay down, drop dead, recede, infract, founder, leap, flip over, lay out, keep, defy, demo, portion, make pass, utilise, bowl over, appoint, transcend, go about, minister, set apart, put up, accord, discontinue, measure, unwrap, unveil, bear, picture, catch, backpedal, state, remunerate, discombobulate, establish, agree, serve, order, overhaul, allocate, take hold, resilience, relent, point out, prove, ease up, stir, nominate, obligate, parcel out, admit, engender, go away, consign, move on, leaping, interrupt, keep back, dose, out, enforce, die, result, clear, overtake, fall apart, destine, create, concede, tell, hand over, submit, possess, hallow, charitable, reveal, arrest, repose, fund, shew, give away, pass off, administer, spring, plan, cite, moderate, provoke, budget, riposte, bend, progress, fall out, let on, reward, break down, put, ordinate, make it, upset, get hold of, uncover, pee-pee, cause, flexibility, score, apply, march on, leave behind, demonstrate, fob off, hold in, reelect, stop, ease off, tip, recommend, hark back, conk, rejoin, practice, convey, indue, pass by, put on, adapt, halt, slip away, confront, push for, turn in, honor, community chest, guide, spend a penny, commemorate, sag, expound, pause, croak, befuddle, get, give birth, hurl, supply, provide, authorize, take back, flop, take effect, bound, violate, surpass, better, perpetrate, sponginess, interact, defend, share, dispense, make water, give off, suffer, advise, unfold, administration, allow for, hap, admeasure, ascribe, pledge, realise, take for, found, take place, benefit, depict, arrive at, malleable, exit, outflow, guard, glide by, pop off, mandate, salute, kick the bucket, introduce, relay, inflict, drop, dole out, contribute to, negotiate, slide by, cave, beget, throw, come about, shatter, partition, slice, prepare, discover, disclose, attribute, hold back, thrust, show, maintain, succumb, skew, take a crap, sleep together, tell all, pull up stakes, go by, flow, fork up, devote, focus, struggle, spread out, overturn, vouchsafe, bewilder, hold up, draw, fix, suppleness, crumble, own, curb, portray, spill, think over, try, bless, damp, pass away, retain, evaluate, confuse, make, help out, resilient, go down, lure, produce, charity, work, eat, join, come off, legislate, set up, accept, contain, concur, sound, wear, break, rich, check, cook, segment, spread, ca-ca, entrust, pose, yielding, splinter, bankrupt, ordain, dig, sustain, conduct, relieve oneself, tempt, result in, crack up, give way, flag, lie with, fork out, extend, community service, throw away, intrust, fall in, bounce, prevail, carry, break in, knock over, conk out, flexible, grip, save, performing arts, will, lapse, retrovert, quote, award, take, fail, consider, consummate, sire, hand out, offer, dampen, go past, do, go out, happen, charge, bump, sweeten, get together, lead to, deed over, slip by, ruin, send forth, represent, strike, hand in, institutionalize, make over, dole, demote, come back, cast off, part, reach out, interpret, give forth, shell out, egest, color, approve, allow, stool, saltation, renounce, aid, feature, yield, gift, kick downstairs, conduce, travel by, consume, leave alone, ingest, view as, form, fleet, send, trot out, authorise, assess, extend to, address, sacrifice, sell, utilize, collapse, overstep, influence, shape, choke, break off, exceed, portion out, wee-wee, leave, go forth, release, fertilise, bring out, emit, soft, restrain, stretch, shed, look, dedicate, distribute, concentrate, bring forth, obtain, get around, debate, feed in, eliminate, communicate, bid, declare, carry out, commend, dish out, lend, expose, give in, sink, project, transfer, use, mete out, retort, natural spring, split up, open up, permit, plant, springtime, give back, lend oneself, harbor, empower, gain, divide, springiness, plastic, let off, sanctify, go after, consecrate, measure out, decide, piddle, come apart, lease, impact, break away, transfuse, chip in, transmit, pay off, plasticity, take in, nurse, institutionalise, channel, reserve, knuckle under, ground, pay up, lead, erupt, constitute, fall through, go around, try for, delegate, progress to, feast, bed, induce, circulate, pay out, transgress, buckle down, raise, control, accomplish, planned, realize, elapse, fade, occur, trust, lecture, offend, reach, contract, breach, buy the farm, put across, feed, give over, pass, break up, ration, buckle, make love, get to, turn over, play, turn, cut into, fall flat, intermit, read, outlay, achieve, parcel, refund, invest, drug up, cave in, render, fall, allot, top, assist, place, experience, expend, supple, get behind, go bad, make believe, take a shit, mother, throw in, proffer, recrudesce, puddle, afford, vest, let up, furnish, bring, earmark, devolve, invite, assign, break out, cede, affect, separate, decease, confine, contact, brief, confide, pliant, name, acquaint, outpouring, give out, hand down, invest in, donate, tolerate, snuff it, pursue, take a leak, vent, go, issue, base, flip, contrive, spend, support, crock up, act, settle, pass water, execute, remit, buckle under, mount, go along, capitulate, go for, voice, blow over, think out, deal, weaken, parade, delve, contemplate, relegate, instal, ante up, construct, micturate, fork over, go across, lot, pass on, select, ready, have, mete, pull in, bind, cash in one's chips, explosion, elastic, confound, hold, infect, return, accommodate, grant, wear out, forget, launch, turn back, throw off, concord, blab, receive, air, wee, relinquish, implode, endow, betray, direct, bequeath, depart, resist, confer, regress, repay, advance, go through, deliver, employ, seduce, attempt, make up, stage, volunteer, develop, attain, pass around, break-dance, shake off, commit, ponder, institute, revert, press for, relax, tumble, fertilize, deem, have got, help, split, vow, strain, compensate, inaugurate, smash, collection box, cut, convert, touch, roll, build, translate, treat, deliberate, set, switch, perish, add, run, contribute, kick down, stimulate, ventilate, prey, move, pull, bedevil, earn, open, soften, pretend, pliable, slacken off, fracture, tender, fragment, crumple, part with, retreat, lavish, tump over, father, get through, apportion, entice, meet, disburse, finance.

withdraw, approve, cache, fool around, receive, occupy, keep up, secure, putter, accredit, censor, rebuff, retract, garner, clear, hold back, formalize, restrain, disregard, suppress, acquire, sanction, neglect, loan, procure, appropriate, accept, come down, disallow, famish, monkey, contract, ignore, maintain, homologate, refuse, take in, mess around, withhold, trifle, turn down, inflate, play, detain, starve, make, dillydally, fiddle, hoard, win, lay up, advance, decline, reject, keep, hold, deny, OK, warrant, preserve, lend, take, ratify, veto, authorize, retain, dally, rise, conserve, overlook, take over, seize, confirm, disapprove, approbate, realize, own, stifle, confiscate, catch, reserve, possess, save, potter, finalize, swell, earn, restrict, sell, pocket, idle, negative, gain, rebut, spurn, resume, dawdle.

Examples of usage:

1) I can't give you any now! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Have You any such sign as this to give? - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) " If I give ye this now," he said, " will ye come some other day fur nothin'?" - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.