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Spell check of feed

Correct spelling: feed

devour, cross-pollinate, pass on, foster, escape, compost, head for the hills, bread, nourishment, sup, predate, melt down, spread, fertile, sweet clover, bed, rye, turn over, regimen, oats, hay, carry, fly the coop, food, lunch, provisions, button, deplete, peanuts, feedbag, make, rust, take in, nurse, come up with, collapse, dispense, return, fecundate, fare, work, house, ease up, board, picnic, devote, prevail, refection, clover, menstruate, consumption, baby milk, pabulum, lean, ball bearing, ply with, commit, raven, kale, incline, root, meat, open, be given, table, millet, grip, breast-feed, wipe out, hand, wine and dine, reinforce, nourish, deadhead, play, banquet, bran, hightail it, inseminate, groceries, hunt down, flow, give way, bottle-feed, deliver, skew, junket, fertiliser, regale, apply, endow, live, leave, function, diet, change, run for, sacrifice, beets, alfalfa, bury, cave in, impart, deploy, range, replenish, snack, embed, use up, carriage, have, dedicate, lead to, eating, black market, ingest, birdseed, lay on, entomb, fall in, taste, foodstuff, ruminate, grant, silage, provender, sustain, yield, scat, cud, decide, unravel, bone meal, barley, camshaft, dine, subsist, pass, center, menu, lead, arrange, cot death, campaign, support, color, fall, bunk, take to the woods, breastfeed, viands, grass, promote, corn, kick in, molasses, hold, cuisine, chip in, graze, hunt, execute, provide, bond, die hard, fodder, bonsai, clothe, track down, generate, commissariat, Kaffir corn, race, bed out, exhaust, flux, encourage, prey on, supply, box, sustenance, ladder, eat, endure, ancillary, fertility, operate, nutrition, ingestion, scarper, aliment, bucket, offer, crate, nutriment, corrode, extend, straw, hang, throw, lam, guide, pay, browse, donate, gulp, colic, pasturage, bearing, influence, tankage, eat on, consecrate, cram, pasture, founder, draw, timothy, fish meal, soybeans, fertilize, crib death, melt, break, fatten, bag, dog biscuit, render, cross-fertilize, establish, breakfast, vetch, feed on, ply, run through, sell, victuals, resource, accommodate, morsel, prey, fertilise, oil meal, roughage, cater to, feast, present, gift, move over, cam, go, belt, break away, alsike, suckle, ensilage, feed off, turn tail, pulse, serve, grub, catch, mess, bottle, chamber, mash, fishmeal, course, stir, eat up, move, equip, forage, nurture, dinner, run, fertilization, bite, tend, desertification, barbecue, afford, persist, reach, consume, give, bleed, sorghum, feed in, cooking, aerate, reload, maize, baby talk, meal, help, chow, wheat, satisfy, burp, cater, dish, drill, run away, consort, drink, contribute, repast.

famish, starve.

Examples of usage:

1) She listened for sounds to come to her from the camp far away on the river bluff, but none were heard, only the restless moving of her grandfather's team taking their early feed in the small pasture lot near by. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I do not know whether we can hold out from hunger until the hour of prayer, and who will feed us later? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) As long as we stay here we will feed the elephant, though that will be a big task for us all. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.