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Spell check of inscribe

Correct spelling: inscribe

infix, grave, slate, calculate, cancel, imprint, record, come in, book, get into, incise, schedule, compute, endorse, index, fix, scrape up, come up, figure, fray, transcribe, write, cipher, scrub, introduce, scratch, scratch up, strike, law, move into, matriculate, embark, call off, enroll, accede, fret, expunge, itch, engrave, raise, sculpture, impress, code, sculpt, cypher, insculp, excise, work out, rub, list, chafe, scribe, put down, scrape, get in, undersign, sign, engross, MARKS, enter, remember, enrol, stamp, levy, go in, encode, write down, indite, recruit, encrypt, encipher, set down, insert, indicate, catalog, go into, log, note, register, reckon, participate, etch, write in code, subscribe, autograph.

decode, overlook, exclude, expel, omit, reject, check off, delete, decipher, decrypt, expunge.

Examples of usage:

1) I, who could dangle after coquettes and prudes; feed on and inflate myself with the baubles of a beauty's toilette; and, in the book of vanity, inscribe myself a great hero, a mighty conqueror, for having heaped ridicule on the ridiculous; or brought innocence to shame, misery, and destruction! - "Anna St. Ives", Thomas Holcroft.

2) To Evans one of these was raised, and we read in it that " they who inscribe these lines to his memory will never lament a more kind, more genial, or more loyal friend." - "The History of "Punch"", M. H. Spielmann.

3) This morning I went to the meeting- place of the Congress to inscribe myself definitely, and when I gave my name, the lady who was taking them almost fainted, saying that all Italy loved me, or words to that effect, and called in poor Professor de Sanctis, the Vice President or Secretary or whatever, who treated me in the same manner, and finally got me to consent to make an address at one of the general meetings, of which there are four, in place of Sully, Flournoy, Richet, Lipps, and Brentano, who were announced but are not to come. - "The Letters of William James, Vol. II", William James.