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Spell check of concede

Correct spelling: concede

suffer, appease, soften, go down, knuckle under, let on, bear, distribute, bomb out of, deed over, part with, award, arbitrate, quit, accord, surrender, affirm, cede, relent, buckle, deliver, give, capitulate, bridge-building, help, aggregate, enfranchise, return, move over, authorize, grant, approve, condone, call off, sanction, accommodate, win, roll over, assist, give way, attack, vouchsafe, squeal, let, fess up, confess, give away, admit, tolerate, settle, give up, mediate, release, budge, render, conciliate, allow, hand over, bless, chalk something up, bow, allot, generate, fink, adjust, fess, concession, profess, agree, cushion, deadlock, bury, break up, blink, lose, all, contribute, afford, go out, acknowledge, succumb, own, reconcile, pretend, present, consent, permit, compensate, pay, bargain, yield, license, submit, buckle under, lavish, give in, hand, ease up, avow, compromise, knowledge.

disallow, repudiate, disavow, hide, disclaim, defy, hold off, forbid, battle, face, combat, repel, counter, withstand, contradict, disown, protest, conceal, kid, rebut, contend, negate, object, gainsay, disapprove, meet, confront, thwart, dispute, veil, deny, refute, reject, negative, oppose, cover, resist, refuse, obscure, fight.

Examples of usage:

1) " All right- we'll concede that, too," he said with a wave of his cigar. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Concede it, for the sake of argument. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) It did not have, on the one hand, to trim to a court party, or, on the other, to concede anything to the people to keep itself in power. - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.