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Spell check of live

Correct spelling: live

hold, spill, obtain, coexist, anticipate, represent, brave, organic, crisp, watch, brownout, last, color, dwell, caliber, elastic, lively, on-screen, go bad, consist, make up, chewy, decease, blank, exit, fit, hold out, lie, interpretive, have it away, surviving, revel in, get going, brook, buttery, outlast, incarnate, calibre, house, energetic, real, tolerate, going, eff, stay, delay, guest, reverberant, cost, do it, kick around, hold up, snuff it, cord, constitute, go away, documentary, become, give-up the ghost, bang, interpretative, snappy, survive, animate, cognise, acknowledge, occur, expire, have, spirited, drop dead, on, alternating current, working, inhabit, conk out, start, broadcast, blend, unrecorded, relevant, embody, cognize, safety match, remain, rattling, recognize, lodge, personify, explosive, outlive, weather, recognise, bulletin, proceed, choke, caramelized, like, animated, off-screen, arrive, plump, stick up, co-occur, bouncy, running, feel, pass away, people, arc, lie in, have sex, croak, conscious, get, extend, raging, closed-captioned, vital, domiciliate, ringing, support, to the point, get laid, alert, live on, subsist, loaded, bear, programming, brisk, digest, bullet, sleep together, belong, evergreen, place, matchstick, give way, cash in one's chips, await, heavy, break down, smouldering, bide, charge, operate, spanking, operational, springy, brave out, germane, occupy, love, operating, chilled, pass, merry, work, whippy, poker, hold water, detain, go along, all-star, hot, dum-dum, sleep with, wait, suffer, exist, arc light, stop, have a go at it, have it off, resist, room, abide, go in for, sit, in play, racy, zippy, lie with, give out, resilient, tarry, exsert, awake, unrehearsed, drop out, expect, settle, move, stretch out, make out, quick, stick out, enjoy, have intercourse, AC, flak, am, domicile, applicable, buy the farm, feed, current, blend in, bonk, vivid, conk, alive, come from, functional, buckshot, continuity, sojourn, kick the bucket, immortal, anti-personnel, know, blistering, die hard, continue, charged, go through, put up, sound, pursue, pull through, populate, equal, endure, cream, pop off, rest, antiaircraft, bankable, apposite, squat, be intimate, pertinent, fail, nuclear, locomote, peppy, go without, match, break, unfilmed, ingestion, sustain, prevail, make it, red-hot, breathe, see, television, make love, aware, confront, existing, life, active, operative, Be, go on, salient, experience, stomach, bandolier, crispy, run low, receive, brood, on-air, live by, docusoap, rifle, anti-tank, pull round, travel, breakfast television, stand, wear, cartridge, shack, lead, blank cartridge, follow, living, comprise, manage, depart, glowing, stand up, get it on, drink in, bouncing, go, chat show, roll in the hay, calorific, put out, radio, die, harp, appropriate, cool, set, docudrama, rating, board, nonnuclear, conventional, hump, settle down, perish, feature, concentrate, untaped, function, incendiary, persist, debut, jazz, long-range, breathing, come through, televisual, functioning, bed, stand firm, withstand, call-in, delight in, run, bubble, full of life, run short, spicy, smoldering, reside, defy, stretch forth.

inert, broken, unusable, moribund, transcribed, stagnating, deactivated, inoperable, cold, unworkable, uncharged, unreverberant, abandon, dull, unproductive, absent, forfend, proceed, vanished, inanimate, ineffective, nonoperational, forfeit, fallen, finished, lost, ghostlike, expired, shun, dying, useless, breathless, recorded, fading, lifeless, reposing, ineffectual, perished, departed, asleep, taped, out of play, terminated, nonfunctional, migrate, reject, nonresonant, latent, nonfunctioning, nonexistent, defunct, arrested, stillborn, lapsed, vegetating, avoid, fallow, canned, deceased, sleepy, depart, quiescent, out, inactive, extinct, nonliving, decommissioned, ghostly, unloaded, idle, resist, barren, wiped out, inelastic, inoperative, tape-recorded, nonoperative, noncurrent, dead, journey, move, gone, desert, dormant, resting, filmed, nonoperating, kaput, nonproductive, prerecorded.

Examples of usage:

1) They live in the same block. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) No man can live eternal life without them. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) The boy'll live, shure he will! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.