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Spell check of depleted

Correct spelling: depleted

abbreviated, down, short of, depressed, low-down, low, exhausted, humbled, down in the mouth, reduced, lessened, deducted, gloomy, expended, diminished, worn, drained, culled, compacted, bare, contracted, abject, abated, pruned, shrunken, lowered, compressed, removed, truncated, deficient, decreased, weeded, humble, empty, used up, trimmed, scummy, lower, curtailed, condensed, dispirited, slack, concentrated, small, downhearted, low-toned, vacant, dissipated, blue, insufficient, shaved, broken, destitute of, out of, tapered, docked, sold out, deflated, nipped, sheared, modest, shrunk, minimized, divested, misplaced, bereft of, miserable, wasted, devoid of, devoured, low-pitched, lost, humiliated, spent, eroded, depreciated, forfeited, consumed, scurvy, lowly, cropped, downcast, low-spirited, clipped, dwindled, crushed, emptied, abridged, shortened, bled, collapsed, dissolved, dispossessed, dropped, cut, grim.


Examples of usage:

1) But though prostrate, despairing and depleted Ireland still claimed her rights, though for a few years it seemed as if they had been tacitly waived. - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.

2) I don't know to what extent your service has depleted your exchequer, and how far you can afford to pursue the Quixotic, but for my own part all I have is at your disposal- and at Flamby's. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.

3) As a temporary measure " A" and " C" Companies, now sadly depleted in numbers, were united to form " X" Company, while " B" and " D" Companies formed " Y" Company. - "The Story of the "9th King's" in France", Enos Herbert Glynne Roberts.