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Spell check of cause

Correct spelling: cause

form, causal agency, get, wooing, begin, dictate, result in, apparent movement, big tent, give rise to, situation, appeal, coerce, move, come, anarchism, drive, dress, make water, sire, puddle, give birth, prime mover, bully, invite, fare, pretend, pull in, micturate, bandwagon, committal, engender, rush, father, run, bail, causation, pillowcase, rationality, secure, why, exercise, elicitation, clear, event, ideal, principles, receive, practice, sheath, contributor, nag, intimidate, goad, perplex, contract, relieve oneself, plan, manage, type, pass water, class action, bewilder, evocation, make up, courting, make, pay back, become, capture, alienate, driveway, convey, progress to, execute, private road, call, creator, foundation, accept, mainspring, instance, set out, fount, mother, get along, actor, courtship, pillow slip, ingenerate, driving force, caseful, pretext, inducement, evidence, grounds, let, stick, cancellation, lawsuit, propel, bring about, exploit, faith, hit, beat, nonplus, get under one's skin, perform, shake up, take a leak, earn, trend, blitz, collectivism, carry, impel, causal agent, name, colonialist, stir, case, get down, answer, push, basis, antidisestablishmentarianism, bowel movement, ground, arrange, provoke, law, gain, yard, point, set about, loose, take a crap, curtilage, grow, former, motion, set, gravel, sweat, transmit, spend a penny, blind trust, induct, enforcement, inspiration, element, elicit, grammatical case, slip, mandate, produce, community chest, feature, endeavor, pee-pee, experience, bear, typeface, motive, result, dumbfound, understanding, arrive, agent, court, try, problem, vitrine, stimulate, alms, buzz off, galvanize, suffer, casing, aim, scram, engineer, execution, community service, do, enforce, ca-ca, have got, vex, compel, safari, apparent motion, crusade, motivator, score, practise, realize, get to, compulsion, have, urge, reason, suffice, driving, objective, take in, construct, shell, spring, donate, movement, motivate, fountain, generate, sustain, lead to, excuse, reasonableness, make out, energize, factor, inflict, daunt, pressure, social movement, behave, showcase, baffle, arouse, start out, catalyst, stress, stimulus, bring on, source, spark, military campaign, hold, guinea pig, incite, goal, give, press, designer, evoke, circumstances, feat, attain, set off, cook, originate, mystify, suit of clothes, front, effectuation, coiffure, coif, hijack, beget, wee, coiffe, assign, bring forth, ride, instigator, aid, possess, origination, ingest, cancel, necessity, bm, puzzle, wherefore, precipitate, compunction, doer, political campaign, matter, action, birth, force, serve, effort, own, exertion, author, throw, hunting expedition, trigger, example, generation, charity, obtain, effect, instigation, take a shit, bring, realise, endeavour, assignment, causality, induce, perk up, juggernaut, establish, influence, hasten, pose, conviction, create, catch, make believe, excite, attempt, arrive at, bring in, attest, thrust, bugger off, antecedent, suit, start, fault, incur, precedent, intellect, purpose, effectuate, nominate, reach, collection box, find, consume, culprit, amaze, stool, creed, base, build, camp follower, act, travail, motivation, subject, character, shake, impetus, draw, origin, dragoon, fetch, occasion, brace, prepare, dissent, root, elbow grease, arrest, develop, stimulation, explanation, commence, inspire, object, work, court-martial, drift, condition, causa, pay off, lay down, go, constitute, wee-wee, go around, justification, oblige, originator, motility, belief, eccentric, power, spread, communicate, ready, infect, stupefy, collectivist, face, flummox, energise, seduce, fix, deliver, provocation, font, touch off, browbeat, campaign, circumstance, display case, pass on, take, Arabism, acquire, unloose, parkway, piddle, beginning, foment, alienation, capitalism, incitement, bulldoze, determinant, charitable.

ramification, outcome, fate, upshot, issue, aftermath, effect, sequel, event, corollary, sequence, denouement, product, resultant, result, consequence, repercussion, end, creation, outgrowth, development, conclusion, side effect, aftereffect, fruit, by-product.

Examples of usage:

1) Should Betty Ballard be called to the stand that day he felt his cause would be lost. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I was wrong as to the cause. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) I've been the cause of it. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.