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Spell check of capitulate

Correct spelling: capitulate

shed, accept, accede, disclaim, cooperate, bow, resist, concur, concede, sanction, bless, contract, succumb, affirm, air cover, budge, withdraw, genuflect, give, assent, relent, go along with, undertake, buckle, vent, dispose, obey, comply, welcome, pledge, discard, consent, waive, give in, relegate, fulfill, forsake, jettison, adhere, bend, blink, conform, surrender, sign up, beleaguered, active service, fold, disown, let go, alienate, kowtow, rid, renounce, defer, reject, endorse, abdicate, cave, dismiss, drop, quit, desert, yield, abandon, acquiesce, sacrifice, observe, agree, battle cry, belligerent, knuckle under, resign, black out, respect, submit, approve, aggressor, active duty, release, cancel, give over, promise, stipulate, part with, leave, give up, dispel, relinquish, empathize, cede, bombed-out, forgo, defect, vacate.

meet, conquer, counter, object, hold off, win, repel, fight, overcome, stand, beat, battle, resist, withstand, combat, prevail, thwart, endure, triumph, face, confront, oppose, defy, buck, contend.

Examples of usage:

1) Still, the walls stood bravely, and after the Essex affair they were made stronger than ever- so strong and so splendid it must have seemed as if Caerlaverock need never capitulate again to any enemy. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.

2) Leonardo Marquez, the Leopard, spitefully refused to capitulate. - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.

3) Lindaberry, in manly vanity, had insisted on taking ten steps alone without the humiliation of feminine support, but on the return trip had been forced to capitulate weakly. - "The Salamander", Owen Johnson.